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November 08, 2019 Letting 10:00 AM
Notice of Letting
Volume 022, No. 040

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Item-Contract Status Status Date Addendums Region District Counties Pre-Bid Meeting Bulletin Description
001-60R67 Active 09/16/2019 1 1 1 Cook Bridge deck overlay, bridge deck joint repairs and traffic signal modification on Grand Avenue over Des Plaines River Road in the Village of River Grove. (SN 016-0855).
003-62F95 Active 09/16/2019 1 1 1 Cook Superstructure replacement, substructure rehabilitation, roadway lighting, underdeck lighting and drainage improvements on I-94 at Montrose Avenue. (SN 016-0852)
004-62G94 Active 09/16/2019 1 1 1 Cook Bridge overlay and joint repair on the structure carrying IL 72 westbound over the EJandJ Railroad in the Village of Hoffman Estates. (SN 016-0502)
005-62H21 Active 09/16/2019 1 1 Cook 6.9 miles of overlay, patching with precast concrete slabs and pedestrian ramp improvements on IL 72 (Higgins Road) from Commonwealth Drive to Glen Lake Road in the Villages of Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg and South Barrington.
006-62J31 Active 09/25/2019 1 1 1 Cook Construction of a concrete retaining wall on the west side of I-290 between Van Buren and Jackson; mainline pavement near southbound I-90/94 to westbound I-290 ramp; demolition of existing Jackson Boulevard Bridge at I-90/94. (SN 016-0588).
007-62J37 Active 09/16/2019 1 1 1 McHenry Pavement replacement at the culvert carrying US 14 over the ditch south of Oak Grove Road in the City of Harvard. (SN 056-0263)
008-62J58 Active 09/16/2019 1 1 1 Various Mandatory Sweeping various expressway and arterial highways throughout District 1.
009-62J76 Active 09/16/2019 1 1 Cook 3.2 miles of tree removal, selective clearing, grubbing, tree pruning, chain link and wood fence removal, sign removal and metal structure removal along Wood Street from south of 159th Street to north of 138th Street within the City of Harvey and Villages of Dixmoor and Riverdale.
011-64N92 Active 09/16/2019 2 2 Jo Daviess PAVEMENT PATCHING ON US 20 FROM 6TH ST IN EAST DUBUQUE TO DUNN RD.
012-64N93 Active 09/16/2019 2 2 Ogle PAVEMENT PATCHING ON IL 38 FROM PHILL RD TO I-39 EAST OF ROCHELLE.
014-66961 Deleted 09/23/2019 2 3 Kankakee Removal and replacement of SN 046-0087, Larry Power Rd over I-57.
015-66E50 Active 09/16/2019 1 2 3 DeKalb 3P milling and resurfacing on IL 38 from the Ogle County line to John Huber Parkway. Other work includes guardrail with stabilization, shoulder stone, detector loop installation, pavement marking, and raised reflectors.
016-66F60 Active 09/16/2019 1 2 3 Ford Remove and replace culvert SN 027-2509 that carries a tributary to Spring Creek under IL 115, located 7.2 miles S of US 24.
017-66F70 Active 09/16/2019 2 3 Iroquois Removal and replacement of SN 038-0039, reconstruction of adjacent pavement, and associated earthwork and traffic control of US 45 over Prairie Creek.
018-66F75 Active 09/16/2019 1 2 3 LaSalle Deck replacement and beam repair on SN 050-0201 carrying US 52 over Indian Creek, located 2.1 miles E of IL 23.
019-66J72 Active 09/16/2019 2 3 LaSalle Bridge repair SN 050-0163 and 050-0164 on I-39 above BandN RR, 0.8 miles N of US 34.
020-66J86 Active 09/16/2019 2 3 Various Bridge deck concrete sealing at various bare concrete bridge decks.
021-66K27 Active 09/16/2019 1 2 3 Ford Removing and replacing expansion joints, removing and replacing bridge deck overlay and PPC I-beam repairs on SN's 027-0052 and 027-0053 carrying I-57 over Big Four Creek 2.37 miles S of IL 9.
022-66K43 Active 09/16/2019 2 3 Various District wide tree removal on state maintained routes as needed.
023-68B62 Active 09/16/2019 1 3 4 Woodford Add shoulders, culvert extensions, and resurface IL 117 from CR 700N near Eureka to N of Raymond St in Goodfield.
024-68C89 Active 09/16/2019 1 3 4 Tazewell Voluntary Deck replacement, structural steel repairs, roadway lighting, navigation lightning, decorative lighting, and scour countermeasures to SN 090-0001 (Murray Baker Bridge), carrying I-74 over the Illinois River.
025-68F17 Active 09/16/2019 3 4 Various Inspection, maintenance, and repair of existing lighting and electrical facilities at various locations.
026-70545 Active 09/16/2019 1 3 5 Douglas Bridge replacement, bridge removal/demolition on IL 130 over the Embarras River.
027-70B38 Deleted 09/18/2019 3 5 Champaign Bridge replacements under mattis ave. NW of Champaign.
028-70B98 Deleted 09/18/2019 3 5 Champaign Bridge replacement under US 150 NW of Champaign.
029-70E06 Active 09/16/2019 1 3 5 Vermilion Six spot locations of bridge painting on I-74.
030-70E09 Active 09/16/2019 3 5 Vermilion Weigh in Motion Data Collection System on FAI-74 approximately 1.0 mile west of Oakwood.
031-70E35 Active 09/16/2019 3 5 Champaign, DeWitt Tree removal and seeding on I-74 Westbound at Farmer City exit and on US 45 at NCL of Thomasboro.
032-72H83 Deleted 09/23/2019 4 6 Pike Resurfacing, geometric design improvements, signal improvements and ADA ramp improvements on US 54 / IL 106 through Pittsfield. This project also includes pavement patching at the Pittsfield Weigh Station.
033-72J45 Active 09/16/2019 4 6 Hancock Replacing the bridge carrying IL96 over Sheridan Creek, 0.9 miles south of Nauvoo (SN 034-0020).
034-72J99 Active 09/16/2019 4 6 Schuyler Resurfacing, traffic signal upgrades, ADA sidewalk ramps and HMA shoulders at the intersection of US 24 and US 67 on the west side of Rushville.
035-72K07 Active 09/16/2019 1 4 6 Sangamon Deck replacement on IL 123 over I-55. (SN 084-0171)
036-72K44 Active 09/16/2019 4 6 Scott Bridge deck patching on main spans, hydroscarification and microsilica overlay on approach spans, minor polymer concrete repairs on joints, reseal silicone joints and install new floor drains on approach spans of the structures carrying IL 100/106 over the Illinois River at Florence. (SN 086-0001)
037-72L33 Active 09/16/2019 4 6 Sangamon Painting of four bridges on I-55 around Springfield. (SN 084-0099, 084-0088, 084-0100, 084-0020)
038-72L39 Active 09/16/2019 4 6 Logan Patching and resurfacing on Old IL 121 beginning at IL 136 and continuing south for 6.1 miles.
039-72L40 Active 09/16/2019 4 6 Pike 0.56 miles of HMA surface removal and replacement on County Highway 3 from just south of I-72 to just north of I-72.
040-74321 Active 09/16/2019 4 7 Shelby Superstructure replacement for the structure carrying IL 16 over Richland Creek, approximately 2.3 miles west of IL 32. (SN 087-0024)
041-74859 Active 09/16/2019 4 7 Effingham One new superstructure and one new bridge deck (SN 025-0080 and SN 025-0081) on US 45 approximately 5 miles and 5.3 miles south of IL 37.
042-74873 Active 09/16/2019 4 7 Various Sealing 53 bridge decks on various routes in Lawrence, Wabash, Wayne and Edwards Counties.
043-74912 Active 09/16/2019 1 4 7 Lawrence Concrete over lay of the bridge deck and bridge deck repairs on SN 051-0053 carrying US Business 50 over the Embarras River, east of Lawrenceville.
044-74926 Active 09/16/2019 1 4 7 Effingham, Fayette Cleaning and painting four bridges in Effingham County and three bridges in Fayette County. (SN 025-0051, 025-0052, 025-0064, 025-0030, 026-0091, 026-0074 026-0076)
045-74927 Active 09/16/2019 4 7 Clark Cleaning and painting two bridges: 1) SN 012-0025 carrying US 40 over I-70, 2 miles west of the state line; 2) SN 012-0041 carrying TR-107 over I-70, 0.75 miles west of IL 1.
046-76E13 Active 09/16/2019 3 5 8 St. Clair Voluntary 6.79 miles of interstate resurfacing and bridge repairs on I-255 from IL 15 to Collinsville Road.
047-76J85 Deleted 09/18/2019 5 8 St. Clair ADA improvements on US 50 from 3rd Street to Seven Hills Road in O'Fallon.
048-76L31 Deleted 09/18/2019 5 8 Clinton ADA improvements on IL 161 from Clinton Street to 11th Street in New Baden. , ADA improvements along IL 161 from Clinton Street to 11th Street in New Baden.
049-76M28 Active 09/16/2019 5 8 Clinton Tree removal along Old US 50 from Koch Lane to Hilmes Road.
050-76N33 Active 09/16/2019 5 8 Various Weed spraying along I-64, I-55, I-55/70, I-255, I-270 and IL 255 in various counties of District 8.
051-78431 Active 09/16/2019 5 9 Perry 9.6 miles of resurfacing on IL 13 from Swanwick Road to just north of IL 154.
052-78458 Active 09/16/2019 1 5 9 Jefferson Replacement of the bridge carrying IL 15 over Elk Horn Creek, approximately 4.4 miles east of the Washington County line. (SN 041-0020)
053-78520 Deleted 10/04/2019 5 9
054-78675 Active 09/16/2019 5 9 Hamilton Replacement of the box culvert carrying IL 142 over a drainage ditch, approximately 0.2 miles northwest of Delafield. (SN 033-7031)
055-78732 Active 09/16/2019 5 9 Jefferson, Williamson Inserting culvert liners at three locations: 1) SN 100-7039 on IL 148 approximately 2 miles northwest of I-57 near Neber Road in Williamson County; 2) SN 041-7075 on IL 15 approximately 0.2 miles west of Shepherd Lane in Jefferson County; 3) SN 041-7076 on IL 15 approximately 0.3 miles east of Shepherd Lane in Jefferson County.
056-70E34 Active 09/23/2019 3 5 Vermilion One mile of patching on I-74 (EB and WB) from G-Street to E of US 150/IL 1 in Danville.
057-78636 Active 09/23/2019 1 5 9 Williamson Convert existing intersection of Cambria Road and Herrin Road into a roundabout. Includes HMA surface removal, PCC pavement, HMA surfacing and storm sewers.
058-78754 Active 09/23/2019 5 9 Jefferson 4.4 miles of tree removal on IL 37 from just south of the Casey Fork to Campground Road, north of Bonnie.
059-46536 Active 09/27/2019 3 5 Various Replacing reflectors and raised pavement marker castings within the limits shown.
060-46906 Active 09/27/2019 2 2 2 Stephenson Resurfacing and reconstruction of park roads and parking lots, drainage improvements, ADA sidewalk/ramp upgrades, and all other necessary work.
061-46909 Active 09/26/2019 1 3 5 Vermilion HMA resurfacing; campground, roadway, and parking improvements; parking lot improvements; and other miscellaneous improvements in the park.
062-46902 Active 09/17/2019 1 2 3 Grundy Remove and replace three span structures SN 032-7004 and SN 032-7099 carrying Price street over the IandM Canal, seal and stripe parking lots, and other associatd work at the William G. Stratton State Park in Morris.
063-62J56 Active 09/17/2019 1 1 Various Temporary traffic control setup on various state-maintained expressway and arterial routes throughout District 1 on a work order basis.
064-62K13 Active 09/17/2019 1 1 1 Will Surveillance camera replacement on I-55 (Lorenzo Rd to Joliet Rd) and I-80 (IL 43 to US 30).
065-46301 Deleted 10/01/2019 1 1 Cook 1.89 miles of the Grand Illinois Trail - Burnham Greenway Bike Path. From the William W. Powers State Conservation Area to the intersection of Brainard Ave and Avenue "O" in Cook County.
066-61E52 Active 09/19/2019 1 1 Kane Reconstruct the intersection of Bliss Road at Illinois Route 47 in the Village of Sugar Grove.
067-61F32 Withdrawn 10/24/2019 1 1 Kane Reconstruction of Main Street from Van Nortwick Avenue to Water Street and IL 31 from Elm Street to First Street in the City of Batavia.
068-61F63 Active 09/19/2019 1 1 Lake Construction of HMA path on Riverwoods Road between Daniel Wright School and Whytegate Park and construction of a sidewalk along Westminster Way from the CDW Path west for 0.07 miles, located in the Village of Lincolnshire.
069-61F88 Deleted 09/26/2019 1 1 DuPage
070-61F97 Active 09/19/2019 1 1 Cook Work consists of sidewalk removal and replacement and the installation of pedestrian signals on Ridgeland Avenue from 110th Street to 102nd Place with an omission from 109th Street to 107th Street, located in the Village of Chicago Ridge.
071-61F99 Active 09/19/2019 1 1 1 McHenry Roadway resurfacing and vertical curve corrections on Lily Lake Road from Stone Drive to Wegner Drive in Nunda Township.
072-61G04 Active 09/19/2019 1 1 Cook Resurfacing Nerge Road from Mitchell Trail to Devon Avenue and IL 53 from south of Huntington Drive to north of Devon Avenue in the Village of Elk Grove Village.
073-61G07 Active 09/19/2019 1 1 Cook Sidewalk construction, covered bicycle shelter, bike racks and bike repair stations on Burlington Avenue west of Dubois Avenue (Congress Park Metra Station) and on Forest Avenue north of Burlington Avenue (Brookfield Metra Station) on the Village of Brookfield.
074-87548 Active 09/19/2019 2 3 Iroquois Replace the deck on a three span, non-continuous composite steel wide flange bridge carrying CH 40 over Sugar Creek, located 2.7 miles east of IL 1.
075-89744 Active 09/19/2019 1 3 4 Peoria Replace bridge carrying Smithville Road over Copperas Creek, located 0.6 miles west of Trivoli Road.
076-89748 Active 09/19/2019 3 4 Peoria Replace bridge carrying Kickapoo Creek Road over an unnamed tributary to Kickapoo Creek, located 0.10 miles north of Adams Street.
077-89762 Active 09/19/2019 3 4 Warren Full Depth reclamation with emulsified asphalt and cement and surface profiling and 2" HMA from IL 164 to 300th Avenue in Alexis.
078-93734 Active 09/19/2019 4 6 Mason Removal and replacement of guardrail and terminals on various routes within Mason County.
079-95851 Active 09/19/2019 4 7 Fayette Replace bridge carrying TR 371 over Hurricane Creek, located 4.5 miles West of Vandalia.
080-95862 Withdrawn 11/05/2019 1 4 7 Cumberland Replace bridge carrying CH 19 over Lake Mattoon, located 1.5 miles north of Neoga.
081-64L16 Active 10/01/2019 2 2 Ogle Pedestrian "ADA" ramps a various locations in Oregon and Polo.
082-64N78 Active 10/01/2019 2 2 Various WASHING 12 BRIDGES AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN DISTRICT 2.
083-64N81 Active 10/01/2019 2 2 Various Washing nineteen (19) bridges in various locations in District 2.
084-61F17 Active 10/01/2019 1 1 Cook Construction of a 10 foot wide asphalt trail, concrete sidewalks, pipe culverts, pavement markings and landscaping. Project begins on 131st Street just west of Francisco Avenue easterly on 131st Street to Francisco Avenue, then north along Francisco Avenue continuing east on Vermont Street to Chatham Street and south to Canal Street. At Canal Street the project heads east along the south side of the Cal-Sag Channel terminating at Ashland Avenue, located in the City of Blue Island.
085-61G03 Active 10/01/2019 1 1 Cook Replace the superstructure and repairs to the substructure. Project is located north of Park View Drive in the City of North Lake.
086-85687 Active 10/09/2019 2 2 Winnebago Remove guardrail and components, place HMA shoulders and install guardrail and traffic barrier terminals at various locations in Winnebago County.
087-85688 Active 10/01/2019 2 2 Boone Replace the bridge carrying Poplar Grove Road over the Kishwaukee River, located at the northeast city limits of Belvidere.
088-87706 Active 10/01/2019 2 3 LaSalle Construction of a shared-use-path and the construction of a pedestrian bridge over I-80, located west of IL 23 from Stevenson Road to Etna Road in the City of Ottawa.
089-97693 Active 10/02/2019 5 8 Washington Replace bridge carrying Jimtown Road over Elkhorn Creek.
090-97709 Active 10/01/2019 5 8 St. Clair Installation of traffic signals, widening of radius and sidewalks on Union Hill Road at Longacre Drive in the City of Fairview Heights.
091-97712 Active 10/01/2019 5 8 Madison Resurfacing Broadway Street from Helvetia Drive to Iberg Road in the City of Highland.
092-97714 Active 10/01/2019 5 8 Madison Replace bridge carrying Fairmont Avenue over Canteen Canal, located north of Fairway Blvd. in the City of Collinsville.
093-97715 Active 10/01/2019 5 8 Madison Resurface 6th Street from Madison Avenue to Edwardsville Road, located in the City of Wood River.
094-87695 Active 10/01/2019 1 2 3 Grundy Pavement widening and reconstruction from a two-lane section to a four-lane section with a bi-directional turn lane and the rehabilitation and construction of a new bridge span to carry the Wisconsin Central Ltd. Railway over the widened roadway. The project is located on Ridge Road from south of McEvilly Road to Minooka Road/Mondamin Street in the Village of Minooka.
095-97707 Active 10/03/2019 5 8 Marion 1.02 miles resurfacing on Hickory Street from 16th Street to Noleman Street, and on 16th Street from Hickory Street to Wabash Avenue in Centralia.
01A-DI029 Active 09/24/2019 2 2 Lee Rehabilitate Electrical System for Runway 12/30 and Airfield Signs
02A-MA031 Active 09/24/2019 3 4 Marshall Reconstruct Terminal Aircraft Parking Apron
03A-FR043 Active 09/24/2019 2 2 Stephenson Security and Fencing Improvements
1LR- Active 10/04/2019 0 0 SANGAMON
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