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April 24, 2020 Letting 12:00 PM

Bulletin Description

Obstruction Evaluation, Obstruction Removal, and Runway Threshold Remarking
Region District DBE % VBP % Federal Project #
1 1 8.00 0.00 317SBGPTBD
County(s) IL Project # Airport Sponsor City
  • McHenry
3CK 4423 Lake in the Hills Village of Lake in the Hills Lake in the Hills
Contract Specifics
The time limit to award this item has been changed from 45 days to 90 days after the scheduled letting.
11 Calendar Days
No More Contract Specifics

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Authorized Bidders

  • 3702 Martam Construction Incorporated
    1200 Gasket Dr
    Elgin, IL 60120
    Phone: (847) 608-6800 Fax: (847) 608-6804 Email: No Record
    $492,123.36 is not within a reasonable approximation of the Estimate

  • 1602 Earthwerks Land Improvement & Development Corp
    1240 LYON RD
    BATAVIA, IL 60510
    1240 Lyon Rd
    Batavia, IL 60510
    Phone: (630) 482-2341 Fax: 630482242 Email: ldavies@earthwerksinc.com

  • 4813 Plote Construction, Inc.
    1100 Brandt Drive
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
    Phone: (847) 695-9300 Fax: (847) 695-9317 Email: bids@plote.com

Non Bidders

  • No requests received
Pay Item # UOM Description Type Quantity Unit Price
AR107508 EACH L-806 W C 8' INTERNALLY LIT Base items 2.000
AR108177 L.F. 3-1/C #8 600 V UG CABLE IN UD Base items 2,600.000
AR125565 EACH SPLICE CAN Base items 1.000
AR125931 EACH REPLACE LIGHT LENSE Base items 18.000
AR150520 L.S. MOBILIZATION Base items 1.000
AR152410 C.Y. UNCLASSIFIED EXCAVATION Base items 1,030.000
AR152442 C.Y. OFFSITE BORROW EXCAVATION Base items 5,133.000
AR156510 L.F. SILT FENCE Base items 1,300.000
AR620520 S.F. PAVEMENT MARKING-WATERBORNE Base items 15,500.000
AR620525 S.F. PAVEMENT MARKING-BLACK BORDER Base items 6,600.000
AR620900 S.F. PAVEMENT MARKING REMOVAL Base items 43,500.000
AR901510 ACRE SEEDING Base items 2.300
AR908510 ACRE MULCHING Base items 2.300
No More Pay Items

The contract details above are for informational purposes only until the Plans and Special Provisions are posted on this web page. If an addendum is posted, the contract details above may be revised. Please continue to check for addenda.