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I-55 Managed Lane Project (Archived)

IDOT is issuing this Request for Information (“RFI”) in connection with the proposed Interstate 55 (“I 55”) Managed Lane Project (the “Project”). This RFI is being issued consistent with the provisions of the Illinois Public-Private Partnerships for Transportation Act, 630 ILCS 5/1 et seq. (the “Illinois P3s for Transportation Act”). The RFI is intended to elicit responses to the questions presented in the attached RFI Questionnaire and to provide an opportunity to receive feedback prior to an industry forum and associated one-on-one meetings with industry participants.
Bid is Due at 08/11/2016 04:00 PM
Document Type Description Published Date
I-55 Managed Lane RFI Procurement Request I-55 Managed Lane RFI 08/11/2016 04:00PM
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