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Small Business Initiative

Several items on this Letting are designated as small business initiatives. In accordance with Section 45-45 of the Illinois Procurement Code and the rules of the Department, only bids from qualified small businesses will be considered for award. No construction business is a small business if its annual sales and receipts exceed $14,000,000.
To encourage maximum competition, these Small Business Initiatives are open bidding items. In accordance with the rules of the Department, prequalification is waived for these items. All bidders, including those currently prequalified by the Department, are required to submit with the bids a Qualification and Equipment Inventory Certification Form.
Click here for a current list of Initiatives on this letting. There will be Small Business Initiatives on future Lettings as well.
All bidders planning to bid on a designated Small Business Initiatives MUST submit a Request For Authorization To Bid/or Not For Bid Status form (BDE 124) to the Plans & Contracts Office by 4:30 PM, the Tuesday prior to the letting. Bidders submitting bids on designated Small Business Initiatives projects are NOT required to be prequalified by the department, and therefore NOT required to submit an Affidavit of Availability form (BC 57).
If you have any questions please contact the IDOT Contracts Office at (217) 782-7806 or send an email.