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August 02, 2019 Letting 10:00 AM
Notice of Letting
Volume 022, No. 026

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Item-Contract Status Status Date Addendums Region District Counties Pre-Bid Meeting Bulletin Description
001-46530 Rejected 08/15/2019 1 2 2 Various Removing and replacing reflectors and raised reflective pavement marker castings.
002-61F79 Active 06/18/2019 1 1 Cook Sidewalk construction on Schoenbeck Road from Willow Road to Camp McDonald Road in the City of Prospect Heights.
003-62C21 Active 06/18/2019 1 1 1 Cook Guardrail improvements along US 12/20/45 from 63rd Street to Creek Road. Project includes traffic signal modernization at US 45 and 123rd Street.
004-62H91 Awarded 08/12/2019 1 1 Lake Drain tile repair project, includes replacement of 18" clay pipe with 24" reinforced concrete pipe in unincorporated Avon Township on IL 120, just east of Wilson Road
005-64N87 Awarded 08/15/2019 2 2 Whiteside Cold milling and HMA resurfacing on IL 136 from 0.1 mile west of 4th Street to east of 6th Street in Fulton.
006-64N89 Awarded 08/15/2019 2 2 Winnebago Cold milling and HMA resurfacing on US 20, 0.2 mile east and west of Winnebago Road.
007-66A81 Deleted 06/28/2019 2 3
008-66A92 Awarded 08/15/2019 2 3 Bureau 6.03 miles of 3P milling and resurfacing on IL 40 from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad south of Buda to the Stark County line. Includes approach work on SN 006-0145, guardrail with shoulder stabilization, aggregate ditch checks, intermittent resurfacing, shoulder stone, pavement marking and raised reflectors.
009-66H92 Awarded 08/15/2019 2 3 Kendall Installation of flashing red and yellow beacons at each approach to the intersection of US 52 and Grove Road.
010-66J58 Awarded 08/15/2019 2 3 Ford Removal and replacement of an 18" diameter pipe culvert south of the railroad tracks in Roberts and a and a 2' x 1.5'concrete box culvert on the north side of the 1300N Rd intersection with IL 115.
011-66K05 Awarded 08/15/2019 2 3 Ford 3.4 miles of milling, resurfacting and intermittent patching on US 45 from Dawn Avenue in Paxton to the Champaign County line.
012-66K25 Active 08/16/2019 2 3 Grundy 0.9 miles of milling and resurfacing on both NB and SB lanes of I-55 at MP 232.6, milling and resurfacing Reed Road interchange ramps, and building two PCC crosssovers.
013-68758 Withdrawn 07/29/2019 1 3 4 Knox Replacement of structure carrying IL 78 over kickapoo creek and replacement of a box culvert.
014-68E92 Awarded 08/15/2019 3 4 Tazewell Patching on IL 29/IL IL/8 116/US 24 from Wesley Rd. in Creve Coeur to camp street in East Peoria.
015-68F06 Awarded 08/15/2019 1 3 4 Various Rout and seal at various locations within the western ha;f of district four.
016-68F07 Rejected 08/15/2019 1 3 4 Various Rout and seal various locations within the eastern half of District 4
017-70B53 Withdrawn 07/25/2019 3 5 Champaign 1.533 miles of safety improvements on US 150/University Ave. from Wright St. to Cunningham Ave. in Urbana.
018-72J45 Withdrawn 07/26/2019 4 6 Hancock Replacing the bridge carrying IL96 over Sheridan Creek, 0.9 miles south of Nauvoo (SN 034-0020).
019-72K06 Awarded 08/15/2019 4 6 Various On-call repair of guardrail, cable median barrier, impact attenuators and fence at various locations throughout District 6.
020-72L08 Awarded 08/15/2019 4 6 Montgomery Pollinator habitat preservation and restoration, installation of a parking lot and path on northbound I-55 Frontage Road, 0.4 miles south of N 16th Avenue.
021-72L34 Awarded 08/15/2019 4 6 Christian Patching at two locations on (IL 29, IL48: 1) from Webster Street to Pershing Avenue in Taylorville; 2 just north of Lincoln Trail to 2.1 miles south of Spresser Street in Taylorville.
022-72L35 Awarded 08/15/2019 4 6 Sangamon Patching on IL 4 from 0.2 miles north of Greenbriar Drive to south of Prairie Crossing Drive in Springfield.
023-74894 Awarded 08/15/2019 4 7 Lawrence, Richland Replacing obsolete guardrail and terminals at various locations in Richland and Lawrence Counties.
024-74918 Awarded 08/15/2019 2 4 7 Various Bridge parapet repairs on 3 structures in Clark, Fayette and Macon Counties (SN 012-0007, 026-0019, 058-0111).
025-76J16 Deleted 06/21/2019 5 8 St. Clair 8.9 miles of resurfcing and ADA upgrades on IL 13/IL 15 from Roger's Drive in Freeburg to south of the Kaskasia River Bridge on IL 15.
026-76J86 Active 06/18/2019 5 8 Madison Constructing ADA accessible sidewalk ramps on IL 159 from Park Street in Edwardsville to Glen Crossing Road in Glen Carbon and IL 157 from Vandalia Street/St. Louis Street in Edwardsville to Meridian Road in Glen Carbon.
027-76L56 Awarded 08/15/2019 1 5 8 Jersey Serpentine and parking lot resurfacing, ADA upgrades, lighting, and roadway ramp reconstruction. Project includes dredging at the Brussels Ferry.
028-78520 Deleted 06/28/2019 5 9
029-78734 Awarded 08/15/2019 5 9 Saline Tree planting for wetland mitigation site and proposed steel plate weir along IL 13 near Lovers Lane, west of Harrisburg.
030-91581 Active 06/18/2019 2 3 5 Vermilion Construction of a pedestrian trail on abandoned CSX Railroad alignment, from Grays Siding Road to the Vermilion County Fairgrounds.
031-93719 Awarded 08/19/2019 4 6 Sangamon Reconstruction of Archer Elevator Road from 2-lane rural to 3-lane urban roadway in Springfield.
032-95849 Active 06/18/2019 4 7 Coles Improvements to the bike trail connecting Charleston and Matoon, includes extending the west end from 10th street to the Amtrak Depot and connect the east end to Eastern Illinois University.
033-95857 Awarded 08/15/2019 4 7 Edwards Resurfacing Browns Grayville Road from East 450 North Road to IL 1.
034-95858 Awarded 08/15/2019 4 7 Shelby Replace the bridge carrying TR 271A over Drake Creek, 4.5 miles east of Strasburg.
035-99617 Awarded 08/19/2019 5 9 White Replace the bridge carrying TR 412A over French Creek, 1 mile north of Calvin.
036-99623 Active 06/18/2019 5 9 Jefferson Resurfacing Tolle Lane from Fairfield Road to Miller Lake Lane in Mt. Vernon.
037-61F18 Active 06/24/2019 1 1 1 Will Construction of a multi-use path from McKinley Woods road to IandM Canal and the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the IandM Canal. Project is located along US Route 6 and Bridge Street, beginning west of McKinley Drive and ending east of the IandM Canal at Bridge Street in the Village of Channahon.
038-87703 Active 06/24/2019 1 2 3 LaSalle Reconstruct the intersection of CH43 and CH33, located 4.0 miles north of Utica.
039-93731 Awarded 08/19/2019 4 6 Hancock Replace the bridge carrying TR 175 over the La Moine River, located 4.5 miles northeast of Carthage.
040-93733 Awarded 08/15/2019 4 6 Sangamon Replace the structures carrying NS Railroad over 5th and 6th streets, and, the construction of new structures to carry the UP railroad over 5th and 6th Street in Springfield.
041-95854 Awarded 08/19/2019 4 7 Effingham Replace the bridge carrying FAX 708 over Muddy Creek, 1 mile west of Winterrowd
042-95855 Active 06/25/2019 4 7 Lawrence Replace the bridge carrying TR 285 over Big Slough Drainage Ditch, 1 mile southwest of St. Francisville.
043-95859 Awarded 08/15/2019 4 7 Effingham Replace the bridge carrying Tr 34A over Limestone Creek, 3.5 miles west of Edgewood.
044-97689 Awarded 08/19/2019 1 5 8 St. Clair Reconstruct the intersection of Curtiss-Steinberg Drive at Sauget Business Boulevard in the village of Sauget.
045-97704 Awarded 08/19/2019 5 8 Madison Sidewalk replacement, decorative posts and patterned pavement imprinting along Ferguson Avenue betwen Old St. Louis Road and 2nd Street in Wood River.
046-99628 Awarded 08/15/2019 5 9 White replace the bridge carrying CH 18 over Bear Creek Tributary with a 19' X 7' box culvert, located 2 miles southwest of Norris City.
047-68E96 Awarded 08/15/2019 3 4 Peoria 1.7 miles of patching and joint repair on IL 40 (Knoxville Avenue) from Timber Lane to Bethany Way in Peoria.
048-68E91 Awarded 08/15/2019 3 4 Peoria Installation of central traffic siganl system software, controllers and cabinets at various intersections in Peoria.
049-62H78 Active 06/27/2019 1 1 Various Concrete bridge deck sealing upon the entire top surface of the deck, top of sidewalks and inside and top of parapets at various locations throughout District 1.
050-46526 Awarded 08/15/2019 5 8 Madison Pump station improvements at 2 locations: 1) I-255 at Grey's Farm/Sparks Lane in Collinsville; 2) I-270/Fun and Sun at West Chain of Rocks in Mitchell.
051-46528 Active 06/28/2019 4 6 Logan Installation of new automatic transfer switch at the storm water pump station on IL 121.
01A-DE083 Active 06/24/2019 1 4 7 Macon Phase 2: Rehabilitate Asphalt Pavement on Runway 6-24; Rehabilitate Concrete Pavements on Runway 6-24 and 12-30
02A-KA049 Active 06/24/2019 1 2 3 Kankakee Phase 2 - Install Security/Wildlife 10' Fencing
03A-LE053 Active 06/24/2019 1 1 Will Phase 3 - Reconstruct Remaining Taxiway B Including East of Taxiway E and West of Runway 2-20
04A-CO067 Active 06/24/2019 4 7 Coles Phase 2: Reconstruct Taxiway B
05A-UN058 Withdrawn 07/11/2019 3 5 Champaign Reconstruct Taxiway A5/A6 (RSAT Requirement)
06A-UN059 Active 06/24/2019 3 5 Champaign Install Taxiway Lighting and Signage
07A-DU086 Active 06/26/2019 1 1 1 DuPage Phase III - Upgrade Wildlife Hazard Fencing on Northern Airport Boundary
08A-WA074 Active 06/24/2019 1 1 1 Lake Voluntary Rehabilitate Runway 5/23
1LR-M1901 Active 06/25/2019 1 0 0 Williamson Voluntary Reclamation of the Forsythe Energy C.C. Cambria abandoned mine site by the Department of Natural Resources using federal Abandoned Mined Lands Funds
2LR-M1902 Active 06/25/2019 0 0 Williamson Reclamation of the Simco Carbon C.C. #1 Phase II abandoned mine site by the Department of Natural Resources using federal Abandoned Mined Lands Funds
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