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September 21, 2018 Letting 10:00 AM
Notice of Letting
Volume 021, No. 033

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Item-Contract Status Status Date Addendums Region District Counties Pre-Bid Meeting Bulletin Description
001-46475 Executed 11/05/2018 1 1 1 Various Placing grooved pavement marking lines, letters, and symbols; removal of existing marking lines within the limits specified on individual work orders.
002-46500 Executed 10/19/2018 4 7 Various Replacing reflectorized guardrail markers, terminal markers and placing linear delineator panels at various locations throughout District 7.
003-60T43 Executed 10/18/2018 1 1 1 Cook Bridge deck replacement and approach slabs of the 167th Street bridge over I-57. Other improvements include underpass lighting, guardrail installation, pavment marking and storm sewers.
004-60V28 Executed 10/18/2018 1 1 1 Will Replace bridge 099-0170 carrying Illinois Route 102 over Rayn's Creek with a cast in place, 3 cell culvert, in Wesley Township.
005-62A28 Executed 10/18/2018 1 1 1 Cook Culvert replacement in the village of Calument.
006-62B63 Executed 10/25/2018 1 1 1 Cook Pavement widening, resurfacing, traffic signal modernization, and pedestrian ramp improvement for Plainfield Road at Willow Springs Road in Countryside.
007-62G45 Executed 10/19/2018 1 1 Cook Building demolition located at 1680 Sauk Trail Road in Sauk Village.
008-62G81 Executed 10/19/2018 1 1 Various Repair and installation of guardrail along various expressways and arterial highways throughout District One.
009-62G82 Executed 10/25/2018 1 1 Various High tensin cable barrier repairs on various expressway medians district wide.
010-64J48 Executed 10/26/2018 2 2 Rock Island Installation of scour countermeasures at SN 081-9905 carrying US 67 over the Mississippi River.
011-64M77 Executed 10/25/2018 2 2 2 Ogle Repair Bridge SN 071-0061 carrying Creston Road over FAI 39.
012-66H68 Executed 10/19/2018 2 3 DeKalb, Kendall Guardrail end section replacement on various routes in DeKalb and Kendall Counties.
013-66J47 Executed 10/18/2018 2 3 Various On-Call tree removal along state maintained routes, district wide.
014-68E47 Executed 10/25/2018 3 4 Peoria Scour mitigation at SN 072-0034 carrying IL 90 over Prince Run.
015-68E65 Executed 10/25/2018 3 4 Tazewell Patching and joint repair on the on-ramps and off-ramps at the westbound I-74 Morton interchange.
016-70D07 Deleted 08/10/2018 3 5 Vermilion New shoulders and milled rumble strip from US 136 to Kennekuk Park northwest of Danville.
017-70D23 Executed 10/18/2018 3 5 DeWitt Four spot locations of bridge painting on FAI 74 over US 150 and FAS 2495.
018-70D35 Executed 11/08/2018 3 5 DeWitt, McLean, Vermilion Guardrail improvements at 111 locations on various routes in Vermilion, McLean, and Dewitt Counties.
019-72K68 Executed 10/16/2018 4 6 Sangamon HMA surface removal and replacement on East Lke Shore Drive starting at just east of I-55 and proceeding east for 0.67 miles.
020-72K70 Executed 10/25/2018 4 6 Mason Installing a cross road pipe culvert, pavement patching and ditch improvements on US 136 between CR 3200E and Cr 3300E.
021-74870 Executed 10/19/2018 4 7 Macon Weed spraying along US 51 and I-72.
022-74871 Executed 10/25/2018 4 7 Effingham Tree removal in the ROW and median of I-57 from mile marker 164 to the Shelby County line.
023-74872 Executed 10/16/2018 1 4 7 Richland Construction of HMA safety shoulders, aggregate shoulder wedge and milled rumble strips on IL 250 beginning at Linn Street in Olney and extending southwest for 8.8 miles.
024-76J81 Deleted 08/10/2018 5 8 St. Clair ADA improvement on N Belt West from Frank Scott Parkway to 17th Street in Belleville
025-76K66 Executed 10/31/2018 5 8 St. Clair Repair bridge SN 082-0299 carrying IL 13 over the ICG Railroad, 2.5 miles south of Freeburg.
026-76L45 Executed 10/25/2018 5 8 St. Clair Structural repairs at the Bowman Pump Station on Exchange Avenue in East St. Louis.
027-76L77 Executed 10/25/2018 5 8 Calhoun Repair and maintenance of the electrical equipment on the Joe Page Bridge (SN 031-0001) in Hardin.
028-76L78 Executed 10/26/2018 1 5 8 Various Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment at various pump stations throughout District 8.
029-76L79 Rejected 10/03/2018 5 8 St. Clair Well treatment at various locations within District 8.
030-76L92 Executed 10/19/2018 5 8 Various Weed spraying along I-64, I-55, I-55/70, I-255, I-270, and IL 255.
031-76L93 Executed 10/17/2018 5 8 Various Weed spraying for Johnson Grass along I-64, I-55, I-55/70, I-255, I-270 and IL 255.
032-76L94 Executed 10/22/2018 1 5 8 Various Tree removal and mitigation at various locations throughout District 8.
033-78615 Executed 10/25/2018 1 5 9 Johnson Bridge repairs including joint reconstruction, overlay removal and replacement bearing removal and replacement, structural steel repairs and substructure repairs on SN 044-0035 carrying Tunnel Hill Road over I-24.
034-78679 Executed 10/19/2018 5 9 Various Weed spraying on I-57 in Alexander, Pulaski and Union Counties.
035-62F52 Executed 10/17/2018 1 1 1 Various Mandatory Annual maintenance and operation of traffic signals, highway lighting, pump stations, surveillance, and other electrical systems in District 1.
036-76L55 Executed 10/25/2018 5 8 Calhoun, Greene, Jersey Removal and replacement of the Kampsville and Brussels Ferry loading docks.
037-78645 Executed 10/25/2018 5 9 Johnson, Union, Williamson Inserting culvert liners at 3 locations: 1) SN 100-7038, located 2 miles NW of I-57 near Neber Road on IL 148 in Williamson County; 2) SN 091-7089 located 0.3 miles north of exit 40 along I-57 in Johnson County; 3) SN 044-7073 located at MP 27.9 along I-57 SB in Union County.
038-61C21 Executed 10/18/2018 1 1 DuPage Construction of a multi-use path from Butterfield Road to South of Butterfield Road in the City of Elmhurst.
039-61E00 Executed 10/25/2018 1 1 1 Will Reconstruction of Moen Avenue from Mound Road to Larkin Avenue in the Village of Rockdale.
040-61E88 Executed 10/18/2018 2 1 1 DuPage Construction of a shared use path adjacent to Montgomery Road from Waubonsie Creek Trail to Middlebury Drive in the City of Aurora.
041-61E98 Executed 10/19/2018 1 1 DuPage Roadway resurfacing and sidewalk installation on Greenbrook Boulevard from County Farm Road to Lake Street.
042-85644 Executed 10/19/2018 2 2 Rock Island Resurface 38th Street from 7th Avenue to Blackhawk Road in the City of Rock Island.
043-93711 Rejected 10/03/2018 1 4 6 Adams Construction of a multi-use trail from 18th Street to 24th Street along Cedar Creek in Quincy.
044-93720 Executed 10/25/2018 4 6 Morgan Mill and surface East Michigan Avenue from South Main Street to Hardin Avenue in the City of Jacksonville.
045-99609 Executed 10/17/2018 5 9 Massac Resurface Grand Chain Road from CH 4 North Junction to CH 4 South Junction.
046-61F02 Executed 11/13/2018 1 1 Cook Traffic signal installation at 99th Street and Ridgeland Avenue in the Village of Chicago Ridge.
047-97675 Executed 10/25/2018 5 8 Marion Replace the bridge carrying CH 5 over Jim's Creek, located 4.0 miles southeast of Patoka.
048-97676 Executed 11/29/2018 5 8 Bond Replace the bridge carrying TR 82 over Elm Point Branch, located 2.0 miles south of Panama.
049-46501 Executed 10/26/2018 2 3 Ford, Iroquois, Livingston Removal and replacement of raised reflective pavement markers and replacement reflectors.
050-46502 Executed 10/26/2018 2 2 Various Removing and Replacing Reflectors, removing and replacing damaged raised reflective pavement marker casting within the limits shown.
01W-FR442 Active 08/17/2018 1 1 Cook Modification to the golf course watering pump station at the Tam O'Shanter Golf Course in Niles, Illinois. Work includes replacing the pump station wet well, the screening wet well, relocating the intake, modification to the existing pumps and all appurtenant work. DBE Percentage 7%
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