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March 09, 2018 Letting 10:00 AM
Notice of Letting
Volume 021, No. 011

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Item-Contract Status Status Date Addendums Region District Counties Pre-Bid Meeting Bulletin Description
001-46474 Active 01/17/2018 1 1 Various Place various widths of modified urethane, thermoplastic and hot-spray thermoplastic pavement marking line, letter and symbols as specified by individual work orders.
002-60K72 Deleted 01/10/2018 1 1 Cook Pavement removal, south approach superstructure and substructure removal and replacement, guardrail removal, sidewalk and curb removal, pier and abutment removal beginning approximately 325 feet north of the intersection of Western Avenue and Des Plaines Street and extending north over Broadway Street, Canal Street, the Cal-Sag Channel and over the Metra tracks.
003-60T44 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Cook Rehabilitation of bridge SN 016-1014 carrying IL 50 (Cicero Avenue) over I-57 in the City of Country Club Hills.
004-60T75 Deleted 01/10/2018 1 1 Lake Reconstruction of 7,200 feet of US 45 and 3,200 feet of Grass Lake Road in the Villages of Lindenhurst and Old Mill Creek.
005-60V22 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Cook Remove three cell cast-in-place box culvert SN:016-1036 and replace with a slab bridge to carry US 12/45 over Addison Creek in the Village of Stone Park.
006-60X51 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Lake Remove and replace the bridge carrying westbound US 12 over southbound IL 59 in the village of Fox Lake.
007-62A93 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Cook Landscaping along FAI Route 55 (Stevenson Expressway) from just east of FAI Route I-94 (Dan Ryan Expressway) near Prairie Avenue to US 41 (Lake Shore Drive), in the city of Chicago.
008-62A95 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Will Culvert replacement on US Route 45/52, approximately 1.4 miles south of US Route 52 in unincorporated Will County.
009-62B45 Deleted 01/17/2018 1 1 Will Shoulder widening, milled rumble strips and guardrail replacement on US 52 from Spencer Road to US 45 in the village of Manhattan and unincorporated Will County.
010-62B99 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Cook Removal of the existing superstructure at Old Willow Road over the Des Plaines River, substructure modification and construction of a new pedestrian truss superstructure.
011-62C95 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Cook Resurfacing and pedestrian ramps on Cicero Avenue from Chicago, Central and Pacific Railroad to Congress Parkway in the city of Chicago and the township of Cicero.
012-62F04 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Will Embankment stabilization along both sides of US 45 between I-80 and the METRA Railroad.
013-62F33 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Cook Bridge deck repairs on the structure carrying IL 58 over Poplar Creek in Hanover Township.
014-62F40 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Cook Replace the existing Programmable Logic Controllers for the Kennedy Expressway Reversible Lane Control system.
015-62F70 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Cook Pavement grooving of existing PCC pavement on Kennedy Expressway from south of Kimball Avenue to north of Addison Street in the city of Chicago.
016-62F89 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Various Tree removal in various locations in various counties in District 1.
017-62F93 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Will Cleaning and painting existing steel structures at various locations in the villages of Monee, Peotone and the city of Joliet.
018-62F94 Deleted 01/18/2018 1 1 Will Fabrication and delivery of structural steel, bearings and modular joints for construction of the bridges carrying eastbound I-80 over Richards Street, Hickory Creek, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad/Gardner Road, Wisconsin Central Railroad/Rowell Avenue and westbound I-80 over Richards Street.
019-62F96 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Various Mowing the medians and roadsides of expressways and access controlled arterial routes in District One.
020-62F97 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Various Mowing the medians and roadsides of expressways and access controlled arterial routes in District One.
021-62G05 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Various Remove and replace signs along various expressways and arterial routes in various counties.
022-62G09 Active 01/05/2018 1 1 Various Weed control at various locations throughout District 1.
023-66H76 Active 01/05/2018 2 3 Iroquois Clean and paint bridge SN 038-0132 carrying CR 1100 North over I-57, 4.67 miles south of the Onarga interchange.
024-66H80 Deleted 01/12/2018 2 3 DeKalb Clean and paint bridge SN 019-0012 carrying IL-64 over the Kishwaukee River, 1.5 miles west of IL 23 near Sycamore.
025-66H82 Active 01/05/2018 2 3 Bureau Clean and paint bridge SN 006-0138 carrying IL 40 over BNSF Railway, 2.7 miles south of US 6/34
026-66H95 Active 01/05/2018 2 3 Bureau Centerline crack and joint sealing on I-80 from 0.7 mile east of I-180 to west of IL 89.
027-66H96 Active 01/05/2018 2 3 LaSalle Centerline crack and joint sealing on I-80 from the Fox River Bridge, north of Ottawa to west of CH 15 interchange north of Marseilles.
028-66H97 Active 01/05/2018 2 3 Iroquois Microsurfacing along centerline on northbound and southbound lanes of I-57 from 0.6 mile north of IL 116 to north of Clifton.
029-66H98 Deleted 01/12/2018 2 3 Kankakee Microsurfacing along centerline on northbound and southbound lanes of I-57 from north of IL 50 interchange to the Will County line.
030-66J03 Active 01/05/2018 2 3 LaSalle Intermittent class A patching on I-39 from I-80 to 0.3 mile south of Lee County Line.
031-68339 Active 01/05/2018 1 3 4 Knox, Warren 7.52 miles of resurfacing and bridge rehabilitation on US 34/IL 110 from west of Cameron Road to IL Route 164.
032-68887 Active 01/05/2018 3 4 Peoria Bridge rehabilitation to structure numbers: 072-0127, 072-0128, 072-0129, 072-0130, 072-0131 and 072-0132.
033-68D15 Active 01/05/2018 3 4 Peoria Patching, resurfacing, ADA ramp improvements and signal upgrades on IL 40 from West Corrington Ave. to Pennsylavania Ave. in Peoria.
034-68D16 Active 01/05/2018 3 4 Peoria, Tazewell Resurfacing on I-74 from Washington St. to Muller Road, from Morton Ave. to Mainstreet, from Sterling Ave. to the Union Pacific Railroad structure. Also, resurfacing on I-474 Roadway A and B in Peoria.
035-68D94 Active 01/05/2018 3 4 Fulton, McDonough 26 miles of microsurfacing and cape seal at 4 locations on US 24, IL 100 and US 136.
036-68E04 Active 01/05/2018 3 4 Peoria, Putnam, Tazewell 31 miles of crack and joint sealing on US 150, IL 26 and I-155.
037-68E06 Active 01/05/2018 3 4 Peoria Landscaping along I-74 from Ellis Street in Peoria to the Illinois River.
038-70A10 Active 01/05/2018 3 5 Champaign 1.508 miles of resurfacing on US 45 (Cunningham Ave.) from University Avenue to north of I-74 in Urbana. Includes ADA ramp reconstruction and construction of a shared-use path from Kenyon Road to Napleton Way.
039-70C72 Active 01/05/2018 3 5 Champaign, DeWitt, McLean Bridge deck sealing along various routes in District 5.
040-70C80 Deleted 01/22/2018 3 5 DeWitt, McLean Replacing light towers with new LED highway lighting at seven intersections along US 51.
041-72C16 Active 01/11/2018 4 6 Sangamon 3 miles of resurfacing on IL 4 from the northern city limits of Auburn to 0.1 mile south of IL 104, and on IL 104 from 0.2 mile west of IL 4 to east of Sangamon Street in Auburn. Includes intersection reconstruction and parking improvement.
042-72K26 Active 01/05/2018 4 6 Pike 7 miles of crack and joint sealing on I-72 from east of Hull to west of Barry.
043-72K27 Active 01/05/2018 4 6 Adams 8.7 miles of microsurfacing and centerline pavement markings on I-172 from north of IL 96 to US 24.
044-72K38 Active 01/05/2018 4 6 Christian Clean and paint bridge SN 011-0010 carrying IL 29 over IL 48 near Taylorville.
045-74823 Active 01/05/2018 4 7 Effingham Routing, cleaning and sealing all longitudinal joints in the PCC pavement of I-57/70 from the Little Wabash River bridge to the 4th Street overpass in Effingham; includes all ramps throughout the project area.
046-76D23 Active 01/25/2018 5 8 Bond Resurfacing and bridge repair on I-70 from west of Sugar Loaf Road to the Burlington Northern Railroad.
047-76L38 Active 01/05/2018 5 8 Clinton Painting three bridges; SN 014-0055, US 50 at Frogtown Road, 6 miles west of Carlyle, SN 014-0056, US 50 at Flat Branch Road, 1.5 miles west of Carlyle, SN 014-0061 US 50 at the Kaskaskia River in Carlyle.
048-76L39 Active 01/11/2018 5 8 Madison Paint bridge SN 060-0055 and 060-0056 on I-270 1.3 miles west of I-55.
049-76L42 Active 01/11/2018 5 8 St. Clair Paint bridge SN 082-0203 at the Poplar Street Complex in East St. Louis: The structure carries NB IL 3 traffic to EB I-55/64 collector/distributor and crosses over EB I-55/64 collector/distributor and Illinois Central Railroad.
050-78149 Active 01/05/2018 5 9 Jefferson Removal and replacement of bridge SN 041-0036 carrying IL 37 over Atchison Creek, 8 miles south of IL 148.
051-78264 Active 01/05/2018 5 9 White Replace two single span structures with multiple barrel reinforced concrete box culverts on IL 141 2 miles west of New Haven (SN 097-0064 and SN 097-0029).
052-78557 Active 01/05/2018 5 9 Union Full depth pavement replacement and ADA sidewalk upgrades at the intersection of IL 146 and Main Street in the City of Anna.
053-78579 Active 01/05/2018 5 9 Saline Bridge repairs on SN 083-0048 and approach correction repairs on SN 083-0062 just north of Harrisburg.
054-72J84 Active 01/10/2018 4 6 Logan, Sangamon Sealing decks and parapets of 124 structures at various locations in Logan and Sangamon Counties.
055-72K11 Active 01/10/2018 4 6 Logan Field tile replacement on IL 121 0.3 miles west of 4th Street in Latham.
056-72K23 Active 01/10/2018 4 6 Logan Birtuminous surface treatment A-1 and A-2 on I-55 frontage roads at five locations: 1)from 0.8 mile south of Elkhart to Kennedy Road in Elkhart; 2) from Kennedy Road to Governor Oglesby Street in ELhart; 3) from Governor Oglesby Street to just south of CR 1300 N; 4) Elkhart West Frontage Road from Governor Oglesby Street to 0.25 miles north; 5)Elkhart West Frontage Road from CR 700 N to 1.148 miles north.
057-72K39 Active 01/10/2018 4 6 Sangamon Bituminous surface treatment at 2 locations; 1) I-55 Frontage Road from south of Sudduth Road in Sherman to IL 123; 2) I-55 Frontage Road from STuttle Road to the Logan County line.
058-74816 Active 01/10/2018 4 7 Clark, Cumberland Install a four foot hot-mix asphalt shoulder with rumble strips and a two foot aggregate shoulder on US 40 from IL 130 in Greenup to West Main Street in Casey.
059-76J29 Active 01/10/2018 5 8 Monroe, St. Clair 6.5 miles of shoulder resurfacting and rumble strips on I-255 from the Mississippi River to IL 3 in Dupo.
060-76L04 Active 01/10/2018 5 8 Various Replace steel beam guardrail and terminal end sections at various locations.
061-98820 Active 01/10/2018 1 5 9 Franklin 2.5 miles of milling, resurfacing, culvert replacement, full depth HMA shoulders, earthwork, guardrails and tree removal on IL 37 from Wastena Street south of Benton to Yellow Banks Road.
062-46488 Active 01/17/2018 4 6 Various Repairing or replacing damaged sign components, furnishing and installing new signs and supports or replacing damaged overhead sign structure components and end supports at various locations as described in individual work orders.
063-46489 Active 01/17/2018 5 9 Various Removing reflectors, placing new reflectors, removing damaged raised reflective pavement marker castings and installing new pavement marker at various locations throughout District 9.
064-61E27 Active 01/11/2018 1 1 Cook Lighting, landscaping and sidewalk improvements along Norhtwest Highway from Touhy Avenue to Washington Avenue in the city of Park Ridge.
065-61E41 Active 01/11/2018 1 1 Cook Resurfacing on Austin Avenue from 111th Street to 107th Street in the Village of Chicago Ridge.
066-61E50 Active 01/11/2018 1 1 Cook Resurfacing, sidewalks and pavement markings on various routes in the Village of Orland Hills.
067-64L93 Active 01/11/2018 1 2 2 Rock Island Deck patching, joint replacement and structural steel repairs on bridge SN 081-0106 carrying I-280 over the Mississippi River, southwest of Rock Island.
068-64M47 Active 01/11/2018 2 2 Whiteside Pavement patching on US 30 from 0.1 mile west of Hillandale Court to Barlett Street in Morrison.
069-64M56 Active 01/11/2018 2 2 Various Roadside restoration of right-of-way turf damage caused by motorists along state maintained routes.
070-64M59 Active 01/11/2018 2 2 Whiteside Cold-in-place recycling with HMA overlay on Garden Plain Road from 0.3 mile northwest of Fenton Road to 0.6 mile west of Hillside Road.
071-64M79 Active 01/11/2018 2 2 Winnebago Cold milling and HMA resurfacing on I-39 from 0.4 mile southwest to 0.4 mile northeast of Perryville Road.
072-64M82 Active 01/22/2018 2 2 Various "On-Call" maintenance of traffic signals, flashing beacons and roadway lighting along state maintained routes in Boone, Jo Daviess, Lee, Ogle, Stephenson and Winnebago Counties.
073-64M83 Active 01/22/2018 2 2 Various "On-Call" maintenance of traffic signals, flashing beacons and roadway lighting along state maintained routes in Carroll, Henry, Rock Island, and Whiteside counties.
074-66H18 Active 01/11/2018 1 2 3 LaSalle 4.29 miles of shoulder widening and rumble strips on IL 71 from just east of the Vermilion River in Jonesville to E 950th Road.
075-70D00 Active 01/11/2018 3 5 McLean 52.21 miles Class A and B patches on I-74 from Carlock to NW of Bloomington, on I-55, from the county line to SW of Bloomington, and on I-55, from NE of Bloomington to the Lexington County line.
076-70D04 Active 01/11/2018 3 5 Champaign, Vermilion 29.473 miles of Class A and B patches on I-57 and I-74 in Champaign and Vermilion counties.
077-70D05 Active 01/11/2018 3 5 Edgar Patching from IL 49 to Paris.
078-72J30 Active 01/11/2018 4 6 Montgomery Replace slab bridge SN 068-7066 carrying IL 16 over Little Creek, 0.5 mile northeast of Irving.
079-72J95 Active 01/11/2018 4 6 Hancock Bridge deck sealing on SN 034-0062 and SN 034-0001 on IL 136 in Hancock County and Lee County (IA)
080-72K46 Active 01/11/2018 4 6 Various Maintenance and repair of all ITS equipment in District 6.
081-74836 Active 01/11/2018 4 7 Clay, Effingham Demolition of 3 buildings 1) Southwest corner of US 40 and 3rd Street in Effingham; 2) Along US 45 in Dietrich; 3) Along US 45 in Louisville.
082-76K97 Active 01/11/2018 5 8 Jersey Milling and bituminous surface treatment on Eldred-Hillview Road from the Greene County line to IL 100.
083-76K99 Active 01/11/2018 5 8 St. Clair 2.3 miles of resurfacing on IL 157 from 0.1 miles south of IL 15 to Lake Drive.
084-76L32 Active 01/11/2018 5 8 Madison 5.5 miles of single-pass microsurfacing and ADA improvements along IL 100 from the Jersey County line to 0.1 mile north of State Street in Alton.
085-76L33 Active 01/11/2018 5 8 St. Clair Single pass micro-surfacing along IL 159 from 0.2 miles south of Brookhaven to 0.1 mile north of Fountain Parkway.
086-76L44 Active 01/11/2018 5 8 Various Tree removal and mitigation at various locations throughout District 8.
087-78459 Active 01/11/2018 5 9 Pope 60 feet of milling, filling and diamond grinding to correct the profile at the north levee gate on IL 146 in Golconda.
088-78493 Active 01/11/2018 5 9 Alexander Repairs to the navigational and aerial lighting of the structure carrying four lanes of I-57 over the Mississippi River connecting Alexander County, IL and Mississippi County, MO (SN 002-0022)
089-78580 Active 01/11/2018 5 9 Williamson 0.09 miles of pavement repair of the whitetopping and installation of radar detection equipment at IL 37 and Old IL 13.
090-78589 Active 01/11/2018 5 9 Massac Repairs to navigational and aerial lighting on bridge SN 064-0035 carrying four lanes of I-24 over the Ohio River connecting Massac County, IL and McCracken County, KY.
091-78628 Active 01/11/2018 5 9 Williamson Culvert replacement across six lanes of traffic on IL 148, 1.1 miles north of IL 13 near the City of Energy (SN 100-7042).
092-78629 Active 01/11/2018 5 9 Union Crack routing and sealing the centerline joint on IL 127, from the Jackson/Union county line to IL 146.
093-85659 Active 01/11/2018 2 2 Stephenson Cold-In-Place recycling at various locations.
094-85665 Active 01/11/2018 2 2 Ogle Resurfacing on S Chana Road from IL 64 to Flagg Road.
095-85666 Active 01/11/2018 2 2 Ogle Resurfacing on Freeport Road from US 52 to Sterling Road.
096-87672 Active 01/11/2018 2 3 Bureau Bridge replacement located 3.5 miles northwest of Sheffield over Smith Ditch.
097-91566 Active 01/11/2018 3 5 Champaign Bridge replacement on FAS Route 527 (CH 16) over East Branch Embarras River, located west of Illinois Route 130.
098-93662 Active 01/17/2018 4 6 Macoupin Replace the bridge over Big Apple Creek, Located 2 miles north of Scottville.
099-93699 Active 01/18/2018 4 6 Schuyler Removal and replacement of two structures located 4 miles southwest of Rushville at Horney Branch Creek.
100-93707 Active 01/22/2018 4 6 Morgan Widening and resurfacing CH 19 from IL 78 to Strawn Crossing Road.
101-93708 Active 01/22/2018 4 6 Logan Replace bridge carrying CH 22 over Sugar Creek, 4 miles west of Lincoln.
102-61E23 Active 01/16/2018 1 1 McHenry Replace bridge carrying Oak Grove Road over drainage ditch, .7 mile southwest of US 14.
103-61E37 Active 01/16/2018 1 1 DuPage resurfacing improvments on West Street from IL 38 (Roosevelt Road) to Wesley Street in the City of Wheaton.
104-85664 Active 01/16/2018 2 2 Lee Replace bridge carrying Amboy Road over Branch of Main Ditch, .1 mile east of IL 26.
105-95828 Active 01/16/2018 4 7 Cumberland Replace structure carrying TR 5 over Cottonwood Creek, 1 mile east of Janesville.
106-97656 Active 01/16/2018 5 8 St. Clair Resurfacing on FAS Route 841 (CH 9) from IL 158 to Douglas Road.
107-97659 Active 01/16/2018 5 8 Marion Resurfacing on FAU Route 8596 (Broadway) from Pullen Blvd. to Lincoln Blvd. in the City of Centralia.
108-99595 Active 01/16/2018 5 9 Franklin Resurfacing CJ10 from .5 mile west of Cemetary Road to IL 37,
109-85667 Active 01/18/2018 1 2 2 Whiteside Resurfacing on Emerson Road from US 30 to IL 2.
110-87611 Active 01/18/2018 2 3 Grundy New sidewalk construction and replacing existing sidewalks at various locations in the Village of South Wilmington.
111-87679 Active 01/18/2018 2 3 LaSalle Reconstruction of FAU 6031 (4H Road) from 370 feet west of Ashbury Way to Adams Street in the City of Ottawa.
112-89702 Active 01/18/2018 3 4 Marshall Removal and replacement of the bridge carrying CH 3 over the South Branch of Crow Creek, 1 mile south of La Rose.
113-95819 Active 01/18/2018 4 7 Crawford Bridge replacement and approach work on TR 221A over Big Creek, 1.6 miles northeast of Pierceburg.
114-72J53 Active 01/22/2018 4 6 Sangamon Bridge repair on SN 084-0030 carrying BL 55 over the Sangamon River and on overflow structure SN 084-01799, 0.7 and 0.9 mile north of Dirksen Parkway in Springfield.
115-74605 Active 01/22/2018 4 7 Macon Removal and Replacement of bridge decks on SN 058-0106 and SN 058-0107 carrying US 36 over US 51 in Harristown, includes new vaulted slab pavement, HMA resurfacing and guardrail.
116-74805 Active 01/22/2018 4 7 Cumberland Bridge deck patching and joint replacement on SN 018-0026 carrying IL 130 over the CSX Transportation railroad, 0.5 mile south of US 40.
117-60X10 Active 01/22/2018 1 1 Will Interchange reconstruction of I-55 at Weber Road and roadway reconstruction of Weber Road from Normantown Road to Rodeo Drive in the municipalities of Bolingbrook and Romeoville.
118-61E32 Active 01/22/2018 1 1 Cook Sidewalk and lighting improvements on FAU Route 1602 (147th Street) from Pulaski Road to Homan Avenue in the Village of Midlothian.
119-61E38 Active 01/22/2018 1 1 Lake Resurfacing from Fairfield Road to Gilmer Road in the Village of Hawthorn Woods.
120-61E48 Active 01/22/2018 1 1 Cook Construction of a roundabout at 147th Street and Ravinia Avenue in the Village of Orland Park.
121-87684 Active 01/22/2018 2 3 DeKalb Resurfacing with shoulder work and pavement markings on Rich Road from Glidden Road to North 1st Street, Coltonville Road from North 1st Street to IL 23, North 1st Street at Coltonville Road, and Bethany Road from 0.3 mile west of IL 23 to IL 23, within the cities of Dekalb and Sycamore.
122-89726 Active 01/22/2018 3 4 Stark Bituminous surface treatment at various locations in Stark County.
123-95825 Active 01/22/2018 4 7 Clay Replace Bridge carrying Bobwhite Road over Buck Creek, 3 miles southwest of Louisville.
124-61D22 Active 01/26/2018 1 1 Will Reconstruction, resurfacing, bike/ped path, rehabilitate the structure over over Union Ditch and construction of pedestrian structure over Union Ditch, on St. Francis Road from 88th Avenue to 80th Avenue in the Village of Frankfort.
125-61E43 Active 01/25/2018 1 1 DuPage Construction of a multi-use path along Great Western Trail from Sassafras Drive to Prince Crossing Road.
126-61E49 Active 01/25/2018 1 1 McHenry Replace the bridge carrying Main Street over Crystal Creek in the Village of Algonquin.
127-87677 Active 01/25/2018 2 3 DeKalb Resurfacing with median replacement, sidewalk and ADA curb ramps on Barber Green Road from Illinois Route 23 to Peace Road.
128-89736 Active 01/25/2018 3 4 Stark Replace the bridge carrying CH 8 over an unnamed tributary of the West Fork River, 2 miles northwest of Osceola.
129-95823 Active 01/25/2018 4 7 Shelby Replace bridge structure carrying TR 22 over Opossum Creek, 2.8 miles east of Oconee.
130-99594 Active 01/25/2018 5 9 Union Replace the bridge carrying TR 17 over Cedar Creek, 1.4 miles northeast of Alto Pass.
131-61D29 Active 01/31/2018 1 1 McHenry Remove two bridges, and the construction of a single bridge to carry Deerpass Road over the north branch of the Kishwaukee River, 0.7 miles north of Illinois Route 176.
132-61D42 Active 01/31/2018 1 1 Cook Intersection improvement, channelization and traffic signals on FAP Route 876 (CH 1) from Interstate 80 ramp to 170th Street in the Village of East Hazel Crest.
133-61D47 Active 02/01/2018 1 1 1 Will Reconstruction of Weber Road from Normantown Road to 135th Street in Romeoville.
134-61E15 Active 02/01/2018 1 1 1 Kane Reconstructin of Chicago Street from Center Street to Liberty Street, in the City of Elgin.
135-61E35 Active 01/31/2018 1 1 DuPage Resurfacing and reconstruction on Park Boulevard from IL Route 38 to Crescent Boulevard, and on Main Street from IL Route 38 to Fairview Avenue in the Village of Glen Ellyn.
136-85663 Active 01/31/2018 2 2 Jo Daviess Replace the existing bridge with a 3-cell box culvert to carry Stagecoach Trail over the West Branch of Clear Creek, 3 miles west of Warren.
137-87683 Active 01/31/2018 2 3 LaSalle Remove and replace both piers underneath the structure carrying CH 3 over the Fox River, 0.1 miles northwest of Millington.
139-91567 Active 01/31/2018 1 3 5 Vermilion Replace the bridge carrying Vorhees Street over Stoney Creek, recontruction of May Street from Rodgers Street to Collett Street, and reconstruction of Rodgers Street from May Street south for 650 feet in the City of Danville.
140-95820 Active 01/31/2018 4 7 Fayette Replace the bridge carrying CR 2250 East over a tributary to Hickory Creek, located 3 miles southeast of St. Elmo.
141-97651 Active 01/31/2018 5 8 St. Clair Reconstruct the intersection of Milburn School Road and Old Collinsville Road in the City of O'Fallon.
142-97663 Active 01/31/2018 5 8 St. Clair Intersection improvement at Market Place and Plaza Drive in the City of Fairview Heights.
01A-SR091 Active 01/29/2018 5 8 Madison Reconstruct T-Hangar Taxiway Pavement with PCC and Correct Drainage Issues Adjacent to the South End of the Main Ramp
02A-LE052 Active 01/29/2018 1 1 Will Rehabilitate and Expand Terminal Automobile Parking Lot
03A-PA062 Active 01/29/2018 1 1 Cook Rehabilitate East Access Road (Tower/FBO Road)
04A-DU083 Active 01/29/2018 1 1 DuPage Phase 1 - Pavement rehabilitation of apron areas at Echo T-Hangar
05A-IL032 Active 01/29/2018 2 3 LaSalle Extend Parallel Taxiway North, Phase 1
06A-VE053 Active 01/29/2018 3 5 Vermilion Rehabilitate Taxiway D Between Runway 3 and 34
07A-EF009 Active 01/29/2018 4 7 Effingham Expand the East Half of the Aircraft Parking Apron
08A-MC027 Active 01/29/2018 4 7 Lawrence Reconstruct a Portion of the Airport Entrance Road Up To the Airport Property Line
09A-WH012 Active 01/29/2018 2 2 Whiteside Rehabilitate Airfield Signage and Taxiway Alpha MITLs
10A-VA020 Active 01/29/2018 4 7 Fayette Construct T-hangar Access Taxiways
11A-WA073 Active 01/29/2018 1 1 Lake Rehabilitate Airport Entrance Road
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