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April 26, 2024 Letting 12:00 PM

Bulletin Description

Replace Perimeter Fencing, Phase 1
Region District DBE % VBP % Federal Project #
2 3 4.00 0.00 317SBGPTBD
County(s) IL Project # Airport Sponsor City
  • DeKalb
DKB 5118 DeKalb Taylor Municipal City of DeKalb DeKalb
Contract Specifics
The time limit to award this item has been changed from 45 days to 90 days after the scheduled letting.
57 Calendar Days
WARNING:  FAA Buy American Preference provisions apply to this contract.  Failure to submit a “Certification of Compliance with FAA Buy American Preference – Construction Projects” form in accordance with the bidding procedures set forth in the proposal document (Appendix A4 BUY AMERICAN PREFERENCE) will result in the bid being declared non-responsive.
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Ask Subscribe Questions and Answers (5 Submitted / 5 Answered ) Questions not accepted as of April 16, 2024 04:30 PM.

  • Gate H3 is to have the electrical removed and this gate is to be converted to a manual slide gate. Are we to remove the operator footing, keypad and bollards or abandon in place?
    Per the special provisions, those items would be removed from that gate. (04/22/2024)

  • 1) The concrete pads for the existing HySecurity gate operators are in good condition. Can we reuse these pads or do they need to be replaced? 2) The interior loop wire on gate W2 is exposed. Is this to be reused or replaced? If replacement is required please note the asphalt in that area is in very poor condition and saw cutting a new loop will be difficult. please advise on how to proceed.
    1.) Per the Contract Plans, a new wildlife deterrent concrete pad shall be installed at the proposed gate locations. 2.) Per the Electrical Gate Notes on Sheet 9 of the Plans, the existing detector loop shall remain and be reused. (04/22/2024)

  • The SWPP on sheet 16 calls for various types of erosion control. Can you include bid items & quantities for the erosion control required?
    Temporary erosion control items such as inlet protection, silt fence and temporary seeding are not necessarily anticipated, but the resident engineer may require their use if warranted by site conditions or contractor operations. Any such work would be incidental to the contract. Note that temporary concrete washouts ARE required, and will also be incidental to the contract as shown on its detail on Sheet 16. (04/16/2024)

  • Please clarify pay item AR800110 Class E Fence 10' w/ 4' bury. The footing details on Fencing Details - 1 sheet show the fence footing starting 24" below ground which would be indicative of IDOT fence that is buried 24" straight down but wildlife deterrent fence skirt detail on Fencing Details - 2 sheet shows the fence footing at grade with fence fabric buried at an angle. Can you please confirm which of these details is to be used for the buried portion of the fence?
    The detail “Wildlife Deterrent Fence Skirt” on Sheet 13 is correct and should be followed. The skirt should be 4’ long and set to an angle of approximately 45 degrees (04/16/2024)

  • On sheet 2 / 16 note 5 states that fence line shall be cleared to a minimum of 10'. Can you clarify if this is to be 10' on the outside of the fence, the inside of the fence or 5' on either side of the fence?
    In general, the intention is for the fence to be in the middle of the 10’ clearing width. (04/16/2024)

Authorized Bidders

  • 3524 Lovewell Fencing, Inc.
    21060 Holden Drive
    Davenport, IA 52806
    Phone: (563) 391-7025 Fax: (563) 391-4005 Email: mlovewell@lovewellfence.com
    Base $1,097,900.00 is within a reasonable approximation of the Estimate
    Additive 1 $151,220.00

  • 1163 Collins & Hermann, Inc.
    1215 Dunn Road
    St. Louis, MO 63138
    Phone: (314) 869-8000 Fax: (314) 869-8498 Email: msedelkova@collinsandhermann.com

  • 1746 Fence Masters, Inc.
    20400 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
    Chicago Heights, IL 60411
    Phone: No Record Fax: No Record Email: No Record
    Base $1,368,892.30
    Additive 1 $222,343.40

  • 2836 Industrial Fence, Inc.
    1300 S. Kilbourn Ave.
    Chicago, IL 60623
    Phone: (773) 521-9900 Fax: No Record Email: tgray@industrialfenceinc.com
    Base $1,725,052.60
    Additive 1 $237,270.00

  • 4424 Northern Contracting, Inc.
    1851 Coltonville Rd.
    Sycamore, IL 60178
    Phone: (815) 895-5855 Fax: (815) 895-2117 Email: office@northerncontracting.net

Non Bidders

  • 0972 William Charles Construction Co, LLC (d/b/a) William Charles Electric
    (Pending Authorization)
    833 Featherstone Road
    Rockford, IL 61107
    P.O. Box 2071
    Loves Park, IL 61130
    Phone: (815) 877-0550 Fax: (815) 637-9123 Email: estimating@williamcharlesconstruction.com

Pay Item # UOM Description Type Quantity Unit Price
AR150520 L SUM MOBILIZATION Base items 1.000
AR161900 FOOT REMOVE CLASS C FENCE Base items 1,120.000
AR162216 EACH CLASS E MANUAL SLIDE GATE-16' Base items 1.000
AR162510 FOOT CLASS E FENCE 10' Base items 640.000
AR162531 EACH WALKWAY GATES, CLASS E Base items 15.000
AR162612 EACH CLASS E GATE-12' Base items 6.000
AR162716 EACH ELECTRIC GATE-16' Base items 1.000
AR162724 EACH ELECTRIC GATE-24' Base items 1.000
AR162726 EACH ELECTRIC GATE - 26' Base items 2.000
AR162900 FOOT REMOVE CLASS E FENCE Base items 4,700.000
AR162905 EACH REMOVE GATE Base items 17.000
AR162908 EACH REMOVE ELECTRIC GATE Base items 6.000
AR800011 L SUM ELECTRIC GATE-26', SPECIAL Base items 1.000
AR800110 FOOT CLASS E FENCE 10' W/4' BURY Base items 5,130.000
AR901510 ACRE SEEDING Base items 1.500
AS162612 EACH CLASS E GATE-12' Additive 1 2.000
AS162900 FOOT REMOVE CLASS E FENCE Additive 1 1,180.000
AS162905 EACH REMOVE GATE Additive 1 3.000
AS800110 FOOT CLASS E FENCE 10' W/4' BURY Additive 1 1,200.000
AS901510 ACRE SEEDING Additive 1 0.500
No More Pay Items

The contract details above are for informational purposes only until the Plans and Special Provisions are posted on this web page. If an addendum is posted, the contract details above may be revised. Please continue to check for addenda.