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June 15, 2018 Letting 10:00 AM

Bulletin Description

Reconstruct and realign Taxiway E at the west end of the intersection with Runway 9-27
Region District DBE % VBP % Federal Project #
3 5 8.00 0.00 317SBGP120/139
County(s) IL Project # Airport Sponsor City
  • Champaign
TIP 4579 Rantoul National Aviation Center Village of Rantoul Rantoul
Contract Specifics
The time limit to award this item has been changed from 45 days to 60 days after the scheduled letting.
97 Calendar Days
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  • The special provisions ITEM 155- Lime Treated Subgrade indicated that payment paragraph 155-8.1 is such that the payment for the work is to all be paid for per TON for Hydrated lime. Is that correct that the SY of stabilization work is to be folded into the Per TON Lime price? This is typically paid for in two item - Per SY for the lime processing and Per Ton for the lime. Please clarify that this is correct that all work is to be backed into the Per Ton lime price.
    Payment for lime processing shall be paid for under AR155530 Hydrated Lime – per TON, in accordance with the plans and special provisions. (06/04/2018)

Authorized Bidders

  • 1250 Cross Construction, Inc.
    3615 N Countryview Rd
    Urbana, IL 61802
    Phone: (217) 367-3526 Fax: (217) 337-3066 Email: closchen@crossconstructioncorp.com

  • 4551 Open Road Paving Company LLC
    1414 W Anthony Drive
    Urbana, IL 61802
    Phone: (217) 356-7280 Fax: (217) 356-1539 Email: cuppinghouse@openroadpaving.com

Non Bidders

  • 0737 CSD Environmental Services, Inc.
    2220 Yale Blvd
    Springfield, IL 62703
    Phone: (217) 522-4085 Fax: (217) 522-4087 Email: frank@csdenviro.com

  • 1770 Feutz Contractors, Inc.
    1120 N. Main St.
    Paris, IL 61944
    PO Box 130
    Paris, IL 61944
    Phone: (217) 465-8402 Fax: (217) 463-2256 Email: bj@feutzcontractors.com

Pay Item # UOM Description Type Quantity Unit Price
AR108158 L.F. 1/C #8 5 KV UG CABLE IN UD Base items 4,050.000
AR108960 L.F. REMOVE CABLE Base items 4,100.000
AR110212 L.F. 2" STEEL DUCT, DIRECT BURY Base items 101.000
AR125410 EACH MITL-STAKE MOUNTED Base items 56.000
AR150520 L.S. MOBILIZATION Base items 1.000
AR150530 L.S. TRAFFIC MAINTENANCE Base items 1.000
AR152410 C.Y. UNCLASSIFIED EXCAVATION Base items 4,700.000
AR155530 TON HYDRATED LIME Base items 157.000
AR156510 L.F. SILT FENCE Base items 524.000
AR156520 EACH INLET PROTECTION Base items 4.000
AR209608 S.Y. CRUSHED AGG. BASE COURSE - 8" Base items 8,097.000
AR401613 TON BIT. SURF. CSE.-METHOD I, SUPERPAVE Base items 750.000
AR401650 S.Y. BITUMINOUS PAVEMENT MILLING Base items 839.000
AR403613 TON BIT. BASE CSE.-METHOD I, SUPERPAVE Base items 1,093.000
AR501905 S.Y. REMOVE PAVEMENT Base items 9,713.000
AR602510 GAL. BITUMINOUS PRIME COAT Base items 3,902.000
AR603510 GAL. BITUMINOUS TACK COAT Base items 1,296.000
AR620520 S.F. PAVEMENT MARKING-WATERBORNE Base items 5,900.000
AR620900 S.F. PAVEMENT MARKING REMOVAL Base items 1,000.000
AR701512 L.F. 12" RCP, CLASS IV Base items 535.000
AR751412 EACH INLET-TYPE B Base items 3.000
AR751550 EACH MANHOLE 5' Base items 1.000
AR751903 EACH REMOVE MANHOLE Base items 1.000
AR752412 EACH PRECAST REINFORCED CONC. FES 12" Base items 1.000
AR901510 ACRE SEEDING Base items 3.250
AR908510 ACRE MULCHING Base items 3.250
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The contract details above are for informational purposes only until the Plans and Special Provisions are posted on this web page. If an addendum is posted, the contract details above may be revised. Please continue to check for addenda.