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June 11, 2021 Letting 12:00 PM
Notice of Letting
Volume 024, No. 019

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Item-Contract Status Status Date Q&A Sub/Ans Addendums Region District Counties Pre-Bid Meeting Bulletin Description
019-64R03 Executed 07/13/2021 2 2 Winnebago Pavement patching from 0.1 mile South of Pierce Ave. to Bauer Parkway in Rockford.
020-64R04 Executed 07/15/2021 2 2 Rock Island, Whiteside Pavement patching from 0.7 miles North to 1.2 miles South of Rock Rock Island/Whiteside County line.
031-66L59 Executed 07/09/2021 2 3 Grundy Pavement Patching on IL 47 located 3.5 miles South of Minooka Road (SN 032-0123) and 0.4 miles North of Nelson Road (SN 032-0122) North of Morris.
033-66L68 Executed 07/16/2021 2 3 Iroquois, Kankakee Tree Removal at Chabanse interchange as describe in the plans and special provisions.
034-66L69 Executed 07/08/2021 2 3 Various Tree Removal at various locations as described in the plans and special provisions.
050-70F17 Rejected 08/10/2021 3 5 Various District-Wide On-Call Tree Removal.
065-76N63 Executed 07/16/2021 5 8 Various Weed spraying along I-64, I-55, I-55/70, I-255, I-270 and IL 255 in various counties of District 8.
098-62M09 Executed 07/15/2021 1 1 Cook Crack and joint sealing pavement preservation project. Includes renewal of pavement markings. Location: FAU 1581: 111th Street, from Central Ave to Pulaski Rd in the Village of Oak Lawn and the City of Chicago, in Cook County.
101-62M73 Executed 07/16/2021 1 1 Kane The improvement consists of culvert repairs for the structure earring on IL 38 MiII Creek in the Village of Campton Hills, Kane County, IL. Gross length is 388 FT (0.073 Miles), Net length is 37.5 FT (0.007 Miles).
108-66L78 Executed 07/13/2021 1 2 3 DeKalb, Kendall Class B pavement patching and pavement striping on FAP 591 (US 34) within the City limits of Sandwich beginning at Pearl St. in Dekalb County and ending at Duvick Ave. in Kendall County.
245-74A47 Executed 07/15/2021 4 7 Various 35 miles of pavement patching on US 50 from Flora to Sumner.
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