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September 23, 2022 Letting 12:00 PM
Notice of Letting
Volume 025, No. 033

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Item-Contract Status Status Date Q&A Sub/Ans Addendums Region District Counties Pre-Bid Meeting Bulletin Description
001-64R70 Executed 10/21/2022 1 / 1 2 2 Winnebago 4.686 miles Advance Tree Removal at I-39/US20 System Interchange.
002-64S10 Executed 10/25/2022 2 2 Various On-call maintenance of electrical facilities along State Maintained Routes in East half of District 2.
003-64S11 Executed 10/18/2022 2 2 Various On-call maintenance of electrical facilities along State Maintained Routes in West half of District 2.
004-76N83 Deleted 08/09/2022 5 8 Madison 0.59 miles of standard overlay and ADA improvements on IL 140 from Monument Avenue to Terra Drive in Alton.
005-76R79 Executed 11/15/2022 12 / 12 1 5 8 Jersey, Madison Guardrail replacement at various locations throughout Madison and Jersey Counties.
006-78834 Executed 11/04/2022 5 9 White Replacing SN 097-7045 with a new single cell concrete box culvert to carry IL 1 over an unnamed stream in Carmi.
007-76M43 Deleted 08/09/2022 5 8 Jersey Culvert repairs on SN042-2417 carrying Old US 67 over a Tributary to Piasa Creek, 0.1 miles north of New Delhi Road.
008-64M81 Rejected 10/03/2022 2 2 Rock Island 4.28 miles, cold milling, pavement patching and Hot-Mix Asphalt resurfacing on I-280 from East of the IL 92_interchange to 0.1 miles East of Milan Beltway.
009-68H08 Executed 11/01/2022 2 / 2 3 4 Knox Mill and resurface parking lot at the Knoxville Storage Yard, South of I-74 (exit 51) on CH 9 (1393 Knox Hwy).
010-70G16 Executed 10/25/2022 1 / 1 3 5 Champaign Superstructure removal at TR 258, 2 miles West of St. Joseph.
011-66M91 Executed 10/28/2022 1 / 1 2 3 Bureau, LaSalle This project is located on FAI 80 (I-80) from 0.7 mile East of I-180 to 0.7 mile West of Il 251. The work consists of centerline milling and resurfacing 2 feet wide, at a depth of 2", pavement marking, and raised reflectors.
012-72402 Executed 11/04/2022 4 6 Sangamon Tree removal and building demolition at the IDOT Central Office Headquarters and new District 6 facility in Springfield.
013-72H71 Withdrawn 09/22/2022 2 / 2 4 6 Sangamon 2.3 miles of sidewalk, ADA ramps and roadway lighting improvements on Business 55, IL 29 / Peoria Road from Sangamon Avenue to Ardmore Avenue in Springfield.
014-74B57 Executed 10/18/2022 4 7 Richland Pavement patching on US from 1.6 miles east of the Clay County line to 0.6 miles west of Ste. Marie Road.
015-78958 Withdrawn 10/03/2022 1 / 1 5 9 Franklin Replacement of the pumps, piping, back-up and electrical controls of the pump station along I-57 at the West Frankfort interchange.
016-76R49 Executed 10/12/2022 3 / 3 5 8 Randolph Pavement patching on IL 3 from the Monroe County line to the Jackson County line and on IL 150 from the Mississippi River to the Perry County line.
017-62P22 Executed 11/04/2022 1 1 1 DuPage (4.18-Mile) Traffic signal modernization and intersection improvements of IL 59 at Joliet St/Edgewood Walk and at James Ave, pavement removal, HMA resurfacing, curb and gutter removal and replacement, median removal, traffic signal removal and replacement, adjustment of drainage structures, and pavement markings. Located in the City of West Chicago and Winfield Township.
018-76K25 Deleted 08/09/2022 5 8 Randolph Replacing SN 079-0005 carrying IL 3 over Nine Mile Creek, 4 miles south of Evansville.
019-76P97 Executed 10/18/2022 5 8 Various Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment at various pump stations throughout District 8.
020-76P98 Executed 10/18/2022 5 8 Calhoun Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment on the Joe Page Bridge in Hardin (SN 031-0001).
021-76L72 Executed 11/04/2022 5 8 Madison 3 miles of resurfacing and ADA improvements on US 67 / IL 111 from 0.1 miles north of Airport Road to IL 3 in Godfrey.
022-76L29 Deleted 08/09/2022 5 8 Marion 2.8 miles of ADA improvements on IL 161 from Beech Street to Pleasant Avenue in Centralia.
023-66M39 Executed 10/18/2022 2 3 Various This project includes the installation of various combinations of new traffic signal heads, retroreflective backplates, and LED signal face lens covers. The work is proposed at eight intersections located in DeKalb, Kankakee, Kendall, and LaSalle Counties.
024-68H17 Executed 11/01/2022 3 4 Various Installation of traffic signal cabinets and equipment, CCTV cameras, and network communications equipment at various locations within District 4.
025-46598 Executed 10/28/2022 4 7 Various Various lengths of pavement marking rehabilitation throughout District 7.
026-61H23 Rejected 12/15/2022 8 / 7 1 1 1 Cook Roadway reconstruction and traffic signal installation on Gross Point Road from Old Orchard Road to Gold Road in Skokie.
027-61H31 Executed 11/01/2022 3 / 2 1 1 Will 0.30 mile HMA multi-use path, PCC sidewalk, drainage items, and other necessary work along Bridge Street from McKinley Woods Road to Blackberry land in Channahon.
028-61H90 Executed 11/01/2022 1 1 1 Cook Resurfacing Eastern Avenue from Madison Street to Harrison Street in Bellwood.
029-61H92 Executed 11/22/2022 2 / 1 1 1 Lake Resurfacing Wildspring Road from IL 120 to Townline Road, and resurfacing Amarias Drive from Townline Road to Cedar Lake Road in Round Lake.
030-61H94 Executed 11/04/2022 1 1 1 Cook Modify existing signals, ADA ramp reconstruction, intersection widening and oth other necessary work at various intersections on Ridge Avenue between Oakton Street and Church Street in Evanston.
031-62N04 Executed 11/01/2022 6 / 4 1 1 1 Cook (6.1 mile), 1-94 from Lincoln Ave to Montrose Ave, Lighting replacement, new light poles, LED luminaires, foundations, conduit and cables, restorations. City of Chicago, Villages of Lincolnwood, Morton Grove and Skokie.
032-62R81 Executed 10/28/2022 1 / 1 1 1 1 Cook Installation of new fiber optic cable, network switches, PTZ cameras at 55 locations in Schaumburg area.
033-62T88 Executed 10/21/2022 1 1 Various The work to be completed under this consists of repairing high tension cable median barrier systems throughout District 1 on a work order basis.
034-62T90 Deleted 08/18/2022 1 1 Various The work to be completed under this contract consists of installing guardrail at new locations and repairing existing damaged guardrail and traffic barrier terminals on a work order basis throughout District 1.
035-62U04 Deleted 08/16/2022 1 1 Cook (2100-Ft) SMART overlay project on IL Route 43 from Sanitary and Ship Canal to Hanover Street, located in Village of Summit, Village of Forest View, and City of Chicago in Cook County.
036-64R45 Rejected 10/03/2022 2 2 Various Removal of dead trees along State maintained routes.
037-66M49 Executed 10/28/2022 2 3 Iroquois This project is located on F.A.I. Route 57 (I-57) beginning at the Ford County Line and ending approximately 4.5 miles North of US 24 (Gilman). This work consists of intermittent milling 2" and resurfacing, pavement striping, raised reflective pavement marker removal and replacement.
038-66M52 Executed 10/28/2022 2 3 Grundy This work is located at the Interchange of I-80 and IL 47 in Grundy County. This work consists of removal and replacement of highway light poles, luminaries and breakaway couplings.
039-66M68 Executed 11/04/2022 2 3 Putnam This project is located on FAS 2370/OR 26 (IL 26) from Old IL 26 0.32 mile North to the factory entrance. The work consists of HMA milling and resurfacing (designed overlay), pavement marking, and raised reflectors.
040-68884 Executed 11/04/2022 11 / 11 1 3 4 Peoria 909.3 FT., Bridge Replacements on I-474 over IL 116 (Plank Rd.) in Bellevue.
041-68H18 Executed 10/18/2022 1 3 4 Various Installation of battery backup systems, CCTV cameras, ITS components and wireless radio communications equipment at various locations within District 4.
042-70943 Executed 11/29/2022 3 5 McLean 7.097 miles, 3P-Policy Standard Overlay, Milled Rumble Strip New Shoulders ILL 122 TO WALTON DR IN BLOOMINGTON, Culvert Repair, STREAM 0.2 Ml W OF JCT US 150 W OF BLOOMINGTON.
043-76M87 Withdrawn 09/15/2022 5 8 Madison 6.8 miles of resurfacing and ADA upgrades on IL 159 / Troy Road from Center Grove Road to Kinloch Avenue.
044-78909 Withdrawn 09/15/2022 5 9 Saline Signal modifications and ADA improvements at the intersection of Old IL 13 and Main Street in Harrisburg.
045-91597 Executed 11/29/2022 3 5 Douglas Remove existing structure and construction of a 3-span PPC deck beam bridge and aggregate base approach roadways with bituminous surfce treatment along TR 218 over Brushy Fork, 2.7 miles southeast of Murdock.
046-93794 Executed 11/18/2022 3 / 3 4 6 Hancock Remove existing structure and construction of a 3-span precast prestressed concrete deck beam bridge on spill-thru abutments and pile bent piers on TR 71 over the LaMoine River, 3.3 miles southwest of LaHarp.
047-95926 Executed 11/01/2022 4 7 Moultrie Construction of 4' HMA shoulders with rumble strips, installation of pipe underdrains, and concrete patching on Bruce-Findlay Road from 0.3 mile east of 2500 E. Road to IL 32.
048-66F92 Executed 12/02/2022 2 3 Livingston The project consists of removal and replacement of the existing bridge (SN 053-0029) carrying IL 17 over Manville Drainage Ditch. The work also includes slope/ditch grading, guardrail upgrades, and resurfacing. The temporary steel support shall be salvaged from the existing structure. A detour will be used.
049-68698 Rejected 10/03/2022 4 / 4 1 3 4 Stark Replacement of the structure carrying IL 17/ IL 91 over the Spoon River SN 088-0002 (existing; SN 088-0030 (proposed)Ù, 0.6 miles West of Wyoming in Stark County. The project is 2887 feet (0.55 mile) in length. The project also includes roadway profile adjustments, regrading of sideslopes, and construction of the stream barbs.
050-61H81 Executed 11/04/2022 2 / 2 1 1 1 Cook 0.39 miles of sidewalk and bike path contraction, pedestrian push buttons, crosswalks, drainage and pavement markings from existing North Branch Trail to the intersection of Touhy Avenue and Calwell Avenue in Niles.
051-61H96 Executed 01/13/2023 1 1 DuPage Installation of conduit, handholes and fiber optic interconnet cable to connect existing traffic signal controllers to the existing DuPage County Central System Network. Includes installation of new PTZ cameras, Layer II (Data Link) switches, Layer III (Network) switches, new traffic signal controllers and cabinets. Project is located in various locations in Dupage County.
052-61H97 Executed 11/04/2022 2 / 2 1 1 1 Kane Traffic Signal installation and reconstruction of the crosswalk at Montgomery Road and Virgil Gilman Trail in Montgomery.
053-66D26 Executed 10/12/2022 7 / 7 1 2 3 Kendall Project consists of the reconstruction of IL 71 from 0.16 mi. E of IL 126 to W of Orchard Rd_in Kendall County. Additional work involves several structure replacements within project limits, construction of shared-use path, tree removal, traffic signal and lighting upgrades. Length of the job is 3.8 miles. The job will be staged.
054-87726 Executed 11/01/2022 4 / 4 2 3 Kankakee Pavement reconstruction and widening including drainage system improvements on Hobbie Avenue from IL 50 to IL 17 in Kankakee.
055-99686 Executed 11/15/2022 3 / 3 5 9 Williamson Resurface Pittsburg Road from Corinth Road to IL 13.
056-60X98 Executed 10/21/2022 3 / 3 1 1 Cook Voluntary (1.39-Mile) Planting of various landscaping features within the 1-90 and 1-290 expressway corridors, installation of various aesthetics features as well as creation of green spaces at selected locations to enhance the overall corridor.
057-87810 Withdrawn 09/21/2022 2 3 LaSalle Construction of a soldier pile wall and slope stabilization along North 2550th Road from North 2551st Road to a point approximently 0.25 mile east along 2550th Road in the Peru Road District.
058-46576 Executed 10/28/2022 1 1 Various The work consists of placing various width of thermoplastic, preform plastic, modified urethane and hot spray thermoplastic pavement marking lines, letters and symbols and the removal of existing pavement markings and the installation of grooved pavement markings within the limits specified on each individual work order on various routes in various counties in District 1.
059-46604 Executed 10/28/2022 1 1 Will This work shall consist of removing reflectors, placing new reflectors, removing damaged raised reflective pavement marker castings and placing new raised pavement marker castings within the limits shown.
060-46605 Executed 10/25/2022 1 1 Kane This work shall consist of removing reflectors, placing new reflectors, removing damaged raised reflective pavement marker castings and placing new raised pavement marker castings within the limits shown.
061-62N05 Executed 11/04/2022 4 / 3 1 1 1 Cook, Lake (66.6-Mile), 1-94 from Lake Cook Rd to Lincoln Ave, Lighting replacement, new light poles, LED luminaires, foundations, lighting controllers, conduit and cables, restorations. Located in City of Highland Park and Villages of and Morton Grove, Northbrook, Northfield, Skokie, and Wilmette.
01A-FR045 Executed 05/04/2023 2 2 Stephenson Fencing Improvements along new entrance road only
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