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November 09, 2018 Letting 10:00 AM
Notice of Letting
Volume 021, No. 040

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Item-Contract Status Status Date Addendums Region District Counties Pre-Bid Meeting Bulletin Description
001-60R79 Executed 12/19/2018 1 1 1 Lake Bridge deck overlay and bridge joint repairs at two structures carrying US 12 over Nippersink Lake Channel and over Pistkee Lake Channel.
002-60T13 Executed 12/14/2018 1 1 1 McHenry Channelization and traffic signal installation at the intersection of IL Route 173 and Wilmot Road.
003-60X79 Executed 02/07/2019 1 1 1 Cook Voluntary Widening, realignment, and reconstruction of eastbound I-290 ramp to I-90/94 northbound of the Jane Byrne Interchange, includes construction of five concrete retaining walls, drainage work and ITS in the City of Chicago.
004-60X93 Executed 01/30/2019 4 1 1 Cook Voluntary Reconstruction of five major system center ramps of Jane Byrne Interchange, some are on structures with retaining walls, ITS and signing, in the City of Chicago.
005-62A36 Executed 12/07/2018 1 1 1 Cook Intersection improvement, drainage, traffic modernization, shared-use path and watermain relocation on IL 68 in the Villages of Barrington and Inverness.
006-62C71 Executed 12/17/2018 1 1 1 Cook Resurfacing on IL 7/US 6 (Wolf Road from just north of Southwest Highway to approximately 75 ft north of 151 Street in the Village of Orland Park.
007-62D35 Executed 12/07/2018 1 1 1 Lake Drainage improvements along IL 59 and IL 22 in the village of North Barrington. Includes storm sewer, culvert lining and partial culvert barrel replacement.
008-62F16 Executed 12/14/2018 2 1 1 Kane Intersection reconstruction with installation of a roundabout at IL 47 and Plato Road.
009-62F49 Deleted 09/10/2018 1 1 Cook, Will 6.45 miles of resurfacing and ADA pedestrian ramps on IL 43.
010-62F54 Deleted 09/11/2018 1 1 DuPage 2.5 miles of resurfacing and ADA sidewalk repairs on IL 64 (North Avenue) from Villa Avenue to the Cook County line within the Village of Villa Park and the City of Elmhurst.
011-62F57 Executed 12/17/2018 1 1 1 DuPage 4.5 miles of resurfacing (3P) and pedestrian ramps on IL 64 from Gary Avenue to IL 53.
012-62F66 Deleted 09/10/2018 1 1 Cook 1.91 miles of HMA resurfcing, pavement patching, removal and replacement of curb and gutter, sidewalk removal and replacement and placement of thermoplastic markings along Avondale Avenue from Ogallah Avenue to Bryn Mawr Avenue in Chicago.
013-62G32 Executed 12/17/2018 1 1 1 Cook Bridge repair that includes structural steel repair to the structure carrying 79th Street over the CSX Railroad in the Village of Bridgeview.
014-62G84 Executed 12/14/2018 1 1 Cook Cleaning and painting designated steel surfaces of SN 016-0669 carrying Addison Street over I-90/94 in the City of Chicago.
015-62G89 Executed 12/14/2018 1 1 Cook Cleaning and painting 2 structures on I-90/94 in Chicago: 1) SN 016-0204 - eastbound ramp to Ohio; 2) SN 016-2551 - reversible to Ohio.
016-64M95 Executed 12/11/2018 2 2 Rock Island Washing two bridges over the Mississippi River (SN 081-001 and SN 081-0106).
017-64M96 Executed 12/11/2018 2 2 Carroll, Rock Island, Whiteside Washing three bridges over the Mississippi River (SN 008-0052, 081-9905 and 098-6003).
018-64M98 Executed 12/21/2018 2 2 Henry, Rock Island Washing five bridges over the Rock River at various locations.
019-66956 Executed 12/17/2018 1 2 3 Kankakee Bridge replacement of SN 046-0081 with Sn 046-0150, CH8 (St. George Road) over I-57.
020-66F12 Executed 12/17/2018 2 3 LaSalle Regrading a failed slope along IL 251 and stabilizing it with a soldier pile retaining wall. Work includes repairs to existing box culvert SN 050-8802. Project is located 2.1 miles south of I-80.
021-70752 Executed 12/14/2018 3 5 McLean Remove and replace 7 culverts at various location from 0.4 miles south of US 136 to 3 miles north of Heyworth, and place riprap for scour mitigation at SN 057-0225.
022-72B37 Executed 12/14/2018 2 4 6 Sangamon 6.9 miles of resurfacing, shoulder reconstruction, culvert extension and bridge painting on IL 125 from east of Pleasant Plains to east of IL 97 (SN 084-0173, 084-2033, 084-7076, 084-7077)
023-72J98 Rejected 11/30/2018 4 6 Pike 3.6 miles of pavement patching, HMA surface removal, HMA resurfacing and bridge repairs on I-72 from the Sny Slough structures to east of the Trumpet Interchange at I-172.
024-72K66 Executed 12/14/2018 4 6 Pike Bride joint repairs, base course widening, resurfacing and traffic control setup on I-72 approximately 1.8 miles northwest of Barry (SN 075-0098, 0099).
025-72K86 Executed 12/14/2018 1 4 6 Menard Replace expansion joints, place a microsilica overlay and paint beam ends on SN 065-0004 carrying IL 97 over Tar Creek, 0.5 miles north of Oakford.
026-74358 Executed 12/07/2018 1 4 7 Moultrie Substructure repairs and widening, superstructure and deck replacement, bridge approach pavements, HMA resurfacing, guardrail, earthwork, tree removal and riprap on SN 070-0003 carrying IL 121 over Jonathon Creek approximently 3 miles east of Sullivan.
027-74619 Executed 12/19/2018 1 4 7 Lawrence Removal of SN 051-8000 on IL 1 approximately 1.5 miles south of Birds Road and replacing it with a cast-in-place double cell box culvert.
028-74875 Executed 12/17/2018 4 7 Clay, Richland Clean and paint four structures on US 50 (SN 013-0001, 080-0002, 0003, 0004).
029-74876 Executed 12/17/2018 1 4 7 Cumberland Clean and paint SN 018-0056 on IL 130.
030-74877 Executed 12/24/2018 4 7 Macon Clean and paint SN 058-0054 and SN 058-0060 on I-72.
031-76945 Executed 12/19/2018 2 5 8 St. Clair HMA overlay, joint replacement, super and sub structure repairs on the Poplar Street collector-distributor ramps.(SN 082-0141, 082-0144, 082-0253, 082-0254)
032-76L41 Executed 12/11/2018 5 8 Madison Pavement removal and replacement at the intersection of IL 3 and Pontoon Road in Granite City.
033-76L97 Executed 12/07/2018 5 8 St. Clair Painting bridge SN 082-0198 carrying IL 13 over the Kaskaskia River.
034-68D85 Executed 12/07/2018 3 4 Tazewell Bridge repair project, approximately 500' in length, located in the US 24/IL 116 Interchange just east of the McClugage Bridge.
035-68E17 Executed 12/14/2018 3 4 Woodford Bridge repairs to SN 102-0007 carrying US Route 24 over Walnut Creek, 0.5 miles west of IL Route 117.
036-62B31 Executed 12/17/2018 1 1 1 Kane Removal and replacement of existing box culverts over Harmony Creek and over Eakin Creek West. This project includes new culverts, pavement markings, signage, and new guardrail.
037-62G91 Executed 12/07/2018 1 1 1 Will Resurfacing on Blodgett Road from Kelly Road to 1.8 miles east of Kelly Road in Wilmington Township.
038-64M97 Executed 12/27/2018 2 2 Henry, Whiteside Washing six bridges over the Rock River.
039-66A57 Executed 12/17/2018 2 3 LaSalle Bridge replacement of SN 050-0052 with SN 050-0259 over the Little Vermilion River, 3.1 miles east of IL 251.
040-66C58 Withdrawn 10/23/2018 2 3 LaSalle Removal and replacemnt of SN 050-0073 carrying IL 170 over the BNSF Railroad at the Village of Ransom. Work includes embankment, guardrail, landscaping, and pavement striping.
041-68E25 Executed 12/11/2018 3 4 Henderson Bridge joint repoairs to SN 036-0035 carrying US Route 34 over Chinn Street.
042-68185 Executed 12/14/2018 1 3 4 Peoria Replacement of the structure carrying Farminton Road over Kickapoo Creek and reconstruction of the Farmington Road/Kickapoo Creek intersection, includes pavement improvements from west of the railroad tracks to west of Redbud Drive.
043-70D24 Executed 12/14/2018 3 5 Champaign Bridge painting on I-74; two crossing over IL 47, two crossing under Lindsey Road in Champaign; and one location at Staley Road on I-72 in Champaign.
044-62C07 Deleted 09/12/2018 1 1 Cook Channelization and traffic signal modernization at Crawfor/Pulaski Road., Kedzie Ave. in the cities of Oak Forest and Markam.
045-64B87 Executed 12/24/2018 1 2 2 Winnebago Interchange reconstruction and bridge replacment on US 20 from Simpson Road to Rock River and IL2, south of Southrock Drive to south of US 20 Interchange.
046-64M78 Executed 12/14/2018 1 2 2 Henry Deck repair, latex modified concrete overlay, expansion joint replacement, and bearing replacement for I-80 under US 6 in Colona.
047-66H31 Executed 12/12/2018 2 3 Livingston Class B patching (SPECIAL) and partial depth concrete and hot mix asphalt patching of historic concrete pavement on Old Route 66 from IL 116 to the Mclean County line.
048-66J49 Executed 12/07/2018 2 3 Livingston Remove existing paved shoulders with curbs (HMA), earth excavation, granular subbase, contructing combination concrete curb and gutter, removal and replacement of all steel plate beam guardrail including terminals, erosion repairs, and other miscellaneous work.
049-66J60 Executed 12/19/2018 2 3 LaSalle Sparaying weeks along I-39 from the Marshal County line to the Lee County line.
050-68E11 Executed 12/14/2018 3 4 Marshall Repair Bridge SN 062-0037 carrying IL 18 over Sandy Creek, 0.1 mile west of IL 26.
051-68E61 Executed 12/19/2018 3 4 Various District-wide weed spraying (off Road).
052-68E70 Executed 12/11/2018 3 4 Various Repair and Maintenance of electrical facilities in District Four.
053-72K71 Executed 12/14/2018 4 6 Christian Resurfacing on Webster Street from north of Northern Avenue to north of Bidwell Street.
054-72K87 Executed 12/11/2018 4 6 Christian Milling and resurfcing on Mt. Auburn Road from 0.4 mile north of Buckhart Creek to south of 2100N.
055-72K89 Executed 12/12/2018 4 6 Adams Patching in IL 96 from Locust Street to IL 104 Quincy.
056-72K92 Executed 12/19/2018 4 6 Various Weed Spraying on various routes in various counties of District 6.
057-74878 Executed 12/24/2018 1 4 7 Fayette Cleaning and painting two stuctures; SN 026-0032 at the I-70/US 51 interchange in Vandalia, and SN 026-0035 on US 51 1.5 miles south of US 40.
058-76887 Executed 12/14/2018 2 5 8 Clinton Bridge replcement, culvert replacement and 3' grade raise for the roadway on IL 161 over Crooked Creek, 8.6 miles east of IL 127.
059-78363 Executed 12/19/2018 3 5 9 Franklin, Williamson Expand approximately 4.4 miles of I-57 to add an additional lane in each direction, install a median barrier, sresurface existing lanes, update pavement markings, upgrade guardrails, and install raised relectors and rumble strip.
060-46496 Executed 12/19/2018 5 8 Madison, St. Clair Repairing of replacing damaged or deteriorated overhead sign structures, components, and supports, repairing and moving signal heads and controller units.
061-46504 Executed 12/26/2018 4 7 Various Repairing various widths of hot spray thermo, thermoplastic, modified urethane preformed plastic pavement marking lines, letters and sysmbols; grooving and the removal of existing pavement marking on a work order basis.
062-78653 Executed 12/12/2018 5 9 Johnson Milling, HMA resurfacing and Class A patching on I-24 from the Williamson County line to the Massac County line.
063-78674 Executed 12/07/2018 5 9 Jackson Paved shoulder removal, HMA shoulders and excavation to repair the existing slope on US 51 just north of the Big Muddy River bridge south of DeSoto.
064-78696 Executed 12/11/2018 5 9 Various Tree removal at various locations: 1) SB I-57 from MP 76 to MP 73 in Franklin County; 2) SB I-57 Rend Lake Rest Area in Franklin County; 3) EB and WB I-64 Goshen Road Rest Area in Jefferson County; 4) I-64 Skeeter Mountain Rest Area in White County.
065-78697 Executed 12/07/2018 5 9 Union Remove and replace damaged PCC pavement in the passing lane and inside PCC shoulder on southbound I-57 near mile-marker 33.
066-46472 Executed 12/31/2018 1 1 DuPage, Will Replacing damaged and deteriorated overhead sign structures, componenets, and supports, described in the schedule of locations.
067-46473 Executed 12/11/2018 1 1 Cook Repairing and replacing damaged or deteriorated overhead sign structures, components, and supports at locations described in the Schedule of Locations.
068-62D43 Executed 12/17/2018 1 1 Kane, Kendall Bridge repair and overlay at IL 31 over BNSF railroad structure. Work includes deck scarification, concrete joint repair and construction, structural repair of concrete and approach slab replacement.
069-64M99 Executed 12/24/2018 2 2 Various Washing eight bridges at various locations.
070-64N13 Executed 12/24/2018 2 2 Various Concrete sealer applied to bridge decks at various locations in District 2.
071-64N14 Executed 12/24/2018 2 2 Rock Island Concrete sealer applied to bridge decks at various locations in Rock Island County.
072-64N15 Executed 12/14/2018 2 2 Various Concrete sealer applied to bridge decks at various locations in District 2.
073-66H50 Executed 12/17/2018 2 3 Livingston 0.318 mile of pavement reconstruction, 1.7 miles south of IL 17 to 1.4 miles south of IL 17.
074-66J52 Executed 12/14/2018 2 3 Various Sealing bridge decks with the parapets/curbs on numerous structures throughout LaSalle and Putnam Counties.
075-60K72 Deleted 09/26/2018 1 1 Cook Pavement removal, south approach superstructure and substructure removal and replacement, guardrail removal, sidewal;k and curb removal, pier and abutment removal beginning 325 feet north of the intersection of Western Avenue and Des Plaines Street and extending north over Broadway Street, Canal Street, the Cal-Sag Channel, and over the Metra tracks.
076-70D07 Executed 01/14/2019 3 5 Vermilion New shoulders and milled rumble strip from US 136 to Kennekuk Park northwest of Danville.
077-72C29 Rejected 11/30/2018 1 4 6 Adams 4.4 miles of resurfacing, patching, shoulders, ADA improvements, bridge repair, bridge deck overlay, curlvert repair and riprap on IL 96 from Bear Creek to the Hancock County line (SN 001-0052, 0074, 7039, 7037)
078-61E06 Executed 12/17/2018 3 1 1 DuPage Intersection improvement with signal timing progression and resurfacing on FAU Route 1504 (55th Street) from Dunham Road to Clerendon Hills Road.
079-61E67 Executed 12/26/2018 1 1 1 Kane Reconstruct the intersection of Main Street and Deerpath Road in the City of Batavia.
080-61E75 Executed 12/24/2018 1 1 1 Kane Intersection improvement and channelization at the intersection of Kirk Road and Pine Street in the City of Batavia.
081-61E99 Executed 01/28/2019 1 1 Kane Traffic signal improvement on Randall Road from Silver Glen Road to County Line Road.
082-61F03 Rejected 12/14/2018 1 1 Cook Sidewalk construction on 26th Street from Harlem Avenue to Riverside Drive; Riverside Drive from Maple Avenue to 27th Street; and Riverside Drive from 26th Street to Home Avenue in the City of Berwyn.
083-61F04 Executed 12/27/2018 1 1 1 Kane construct a portion of Long Meadow Parkway on a new alignment, widen and reconstruct IL 25, including the intersection with Bolz Road. Located near the intersection of IL 25 and Bolz Road in the Village of Carpentersville.
084-61F05 Executed 12/26/2018 1 1 DuPage Install conduit, handholes and fiber optic interconnect cable to connect existing traffic signal controllers to the existing DuPage County Central System Network, located at various locations in DuPage County.
085-61F07 Executed 12/07/2018 1 1 Cook Resurfacing Kirchoff Road from Hicks Road to New Wilke Road in the City of Rolling Meadows.
086-61F11 Executed 12/17/2018 1 1 Kane Resurfcing Aucutt Road from Orchard Road to IL Route 31 in the Village of Montgomery.
087-61F14 Executed 12/17/2018 1 1 Cook Resurfacing and ADA sidewalk improvements on Smith Street from Palatine Road to Dundee Road in the Village of Palatine.
088-61F16 Executed 12/14/2018 2 1 1 Cook Roadway reconstruction on FAU Route 1076 (Locust Road) from Lake Avenue to Wilmette Avenue in the Village of Wilmette.
089-61F19 Executed 12/19/2018 1 1 1 Will Reconstruction and resurfacing on Sioux Drive and Dove Drive from Sunset Drive to West Eames Street and from Navajo Drive to Sunsewt Drive in the Village of Channahon.
090-85672 Executed 12/21/2018 2 2 Henry Replace the bridge carrying FAS Route 238 (CH 14) over Mud Creek, located 5 miles south of Atkinson.
091-87665 Executed 12/19/2018 1 2 3 Kendall Replace the bridge carrying East Main Street over Big Rock Creek, located 0.20 miles north of US 34 in the City of Plano.
092-87686 Executed 12/19/2018 2 3 Bureau Remove deteriorated wingwalls of the three-barrel box culvert and a portion of the box culvert ends and replace with permanent steel sheet pile wingwalls along with replacing the concrete on the culvert ends, located on FAS 247 (CH 31) at Crow Creek, 6.0 miles east of Bradford
093-89747 Executed 02/13/2019 3 4 McDonough Replace superstructure on the bridge carrying CH 26 over Hogwallow Branch, 3.5 miles east of the Hancock County Line.
094-91550 Executed 12/14/2018 3 5 Champaign remove guardrail and terminals and the installation of new steel plate beam guardrail and terminals at various locations in Champaign County.
095-91555 Executed 12/11/2018 3 5 Piatt Replace the bridge carrying TR 105 over Lake Fork Creek, located 2.0 miles east of Cisco.
096-91576 Executed 12/14/2018 3 5 Champaign Construction of a shared use path along the south side of Crystal Lake Park and the north side of Park Street in the City of Urbana.
097-91580 Executed 12/21/2018 3 5 Piatt Resurfacing, HMA shoulders and rumble strips on CH 5, located 1.4 miles south of Deland to 2.1 miles north of the I-72 interchange at Monticello.
098-93721 Executed 12/14/2018 4 6 Logan Replace the bridge carrying Primm Road over Dees Creek, 1.1 miles south of Lincoln.
099-46903 Executed 12/24/2018 2 2 2 Winnebago 4.0 miles of HMA resurfacing to internal park roads, pavement widening, construction of a shared use path, lighting, removal and replacement of a 160' three span structure (SN 101-9974), box culvert installation, retaining wall construction, pavment marking and other miscellaneous in Rock Cut State Park in Winnebago County.
100-46914 Executed 12/11/2018 1 3 5 Vermilion Remove debris that has accumulated at the piers of SN 092-9904 carrying Skyline Drive over the Vermilion River in the Kickapoo State Recreation Area.
101-93711 Executed 12/12/2018 4 6 Adams Construction of a multi-use trail from 18th Street to 24th Street along Cedar Creek in Quincy.
102-76L79 Rejected 11/30/2018 5 8 St. Clair Well treatment at various locations within District 8.
01A-CO065 Executed 03/08/2019 4 7 Coles Phase 2: Replace Taxiway Lighting System Serving Runway 6-24
02A-EF009 Executed 03/27/2019 4 7 Effingham Expand the east half of the aircraft parking apron
03A-ED018 Executed 03/29/2019 3 5 Edgar Apron Expansion and Relocate/Upgrade Fuel Facility
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