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August 03, 2018 Letting 10:00 AM
Notice of Letting
Volume 021, No. 026

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Item-Contract Status Status Date Addendums Region District Counties Pre-Bid Meeting Bulletin Description
001-46904 Active 06/21/2018 5 8 Clinton Removal of existing culverts and installation of a 10'X 5' box culvert and a 48" pipe culvert on the entrance road to Eldon Hazlet State Park.
002-60N87 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Will 1.4 miles of reconstruction on I-80 from 1.1 miles west of US 30 to 0.3 miles east ofUS 30; reconstruction of I-80 at US 30 interchange; reconstruction of 0.5 miles of US 30 including re-decking and partial bridge replacement of I-80 over US 30, Metra Railroad and Hickory Creek within the Village of New Lenox.
003-60P66 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Kane Channelization on IL 31 just south of Miller Road in the Village of Carpentersville, extending 0.47 miles to the north through unincorporated Kane County.
004-60Y22 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Lake, McHenry Intersection improvement with retaining wall and traffic signal modernization on IL 176 at Roberts Road in Island Lake.
005-61E17 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Lake Construct a pedestrian patch adjacent to Maple Avenue, from Midlothian Road to Lake Street in the Village of Mundelein.
006-61E39 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Cook Construction of a multi-use path from Lawrence Avenue to the pedestrian overpass crossing County Farm Road in Hanover Park.
007-61E84 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Cook Construction of a pedestrian path adjacent to IL 83 (Torrence Avenue) from Michigan City Road to US 6 (159th Street) in Calumet City.
008-61E85 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 DuPage Rehabilitate the structure carrying 71st street over I-355 in Woodridge.
009-61E89 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Cook Reconstruct the intersection of Bloomingbank Road at Riverside Road in the Village of Riverside.
010-61E90 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Cook Resurface Barrypoint Road from Bloomingbank Road to Fairbank Road, Forext Ave. from Des Plaines River Bridge to Longcommon Road and Herrick Road from Longcommon Road to Cowley Road in the Village of Riverside.
011-61E92 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 DuPage Resurfacing Maple Avenue from Main Street to Fairview Avenue in the Village of Downers Grove.
012-61E93 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 DuPage Resurfacing Westmore-Meyers Road from IL 38 to St. Charles Road in Lombard.
013-61E95 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Cook Construction of the Sand Ridge Trail from Sand Ridge Nature Center to the Green Lake Aquatic Center in Calumet City.
014-62F85 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Will 1.3 miles of tree removal, selective clearing, grubbing and tree pruning along US 6 from Haas Road to Spring Meadows Drive in the village of Homer.
015-62G15 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Cook Clean and paint the existing truss on the structure carrying IL 7 over the Cal-Sag Channel in the villages of Palos Heights and Palos Hills.
016-62G44 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Lake Demolition of 5 single family residences at various locations near US 14 and the Canadian National Railway in the the village of Barrington.
017-62G49 Active 06/21/2018 1 1 Various Repair and installation of fence along various expressways and arterial highways in various counties in District 1.
018-64M37 Active 06/21/2018 2 2 Henry Installation of weigh-in-motion data collection system, 1.2 miles east of I-74.
019-66H27 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 Bureau Repair SN 006-0045 and 006-0046 carrying I-180 over IL 26.
020-66H31 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 Livingston Class B patching of historic concrete pavement from the intersection of OR 66 and IL 116 to the McLean County line.
021-66H72 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 LaSalle 6.37 miles of shoulder widening and rumble strips from 0.34 miles south of N 31st Road to N 37th Road.
022-66J33 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 Grundy Class B patching on IL 47 and Class A and B patching on the entrance and exit ramps of the I-80 and IL 47 interchange.
023-66J35 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 Livingston Class B patching on IL 17 from Waupansie Street to IL 47.
024-66J39 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 LaSalle 36.5 miles of weed spraying from the Marshall County line to the Lee County line.
025-66J40 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 Bureau, Putnam HMA wearing surface removal and replacement, and deck patching on the east bound lane of SN 078-001 carrying I-180 over the Illinois River.
026-68C49 Active 06/21/2018 3 4 Marshall Insert a new box culvert into an existing box culvert carrying IL 89 over Sandy Creek, 2.6 miles south of IL 18.
027-68D96 Active 06/21/2018 3 4 Peoria Construction of an HMA parking lot with fence east of the District 4 materials lab, off US 150 in Edwards.
028-68E09 Active 06/21/2018 3 4 Fulton Replace 4' X 6' culvert and repair slope on IL route 97, 2.5 miles south of Cuba.
029-68E46 Active 06/21/2018 3 4 Knox Replace pedestrian walkway lighting and lighting fixtures at I-74 Spoon River Rest Areas in Knox County.
030-68E55 Active 06/21/2018 3 4 Marshall Profile correction and installation of underdrains on IL 29, 0.7 mile north of Sparland.
031-68E56 Active 06/21/2018 3 4 McDonough, Schuyler Intermittent centerline joint repair and partial depth patching on US 67 from north of Industry city limits to IL 101.
032-68E57 Active 06/21/2018 3 4 Fulton, McDonough Partial depth patching on IL 41 from Avon city limits north to IL 9.
033-68E59 Active 06/21/2018 3 4 Various Installatino of fiber cable, duct and communication vaults at various locations in District 4.
034-70D42 Active 06/21/2018 3 5 Various 151.9 miles of spraying (over 2,184 acres) of State right-of-way at various locations and routes in District 5.
035-70D44 Active 06/21/2018 3 5 Various On-call lighting repairs in Dewitt, McLean, and Piatt Counties.
036-70D45 Active 06/21/2018 3 5 Various On-Call lighting repairs in the district 5 east field area consisting of Champaign, Vermilion, Douglas, and Edgar Counties.
037-74834 Active 06/21/2018 4 7 Lawrence Bridge repairs to SN 051-0053 carrying US 50 over the Embarras River east of Lawrence.
038-76J69 Active 06/21/2018 5 8 St. Clair 4,010 feet of bridge deck sealing on the MLK Bridge in East St. Louis.
039-76L63 Active 06/21/2018 5 8 Monroe, St. Clair 9 miles of patching on I-255 from the Mississippi River (JB Bridge) to 0.5 mile north of IL 157.
040-76L64 Active 06/21/2018 5 8 Washington 9.2 miles of pavement patching and centerline micro-surfacing along I-64 from 0.5 miles west of Beaver Pond Creek to 0.9 miles west of County Highway 11.
041-78634 Active 06/21/2018 5 9 Alexander Surface preparation and application of bridge deck concrete sealer at SN 002-0022 carrying I-57 over the Mississippi River.
042-78645 Active 06/21/2018 5 9 Johnson, Union, Williamson Inserting culvert liners at 3 locations: 1) SN 100-7038, located 2 miles NW of I-57 near Neber Road on IL 148 in Williamson County; 2) SN 091-7089 located 0.3 miles north of exit 40 along I-57 in Johnson County; 3) SN 044-7073 located at MP 27.9 along I-57 SB in Union County.
043-78649 Active 06/21/2018 5 9 Pope Excavation of slope failures and adding riprap at multiple locations: 1) Two locatins at the IL 145/IL 146 intersection; 2) four locations on IL 146 from 1 mile to 3 miles west of Galconda.
044-78657 Active 06/21/2018 5 9 Gallatin 2.2 miles of patching on IL 1 from just south of IL 13 to SN 030-0020.
045-78661 Active 06/21/2018 5 9 Jefferson, Saline Remove box culverts 041-7056 on IL 37 and 083-7059 on IL 142 and replace with elliptical pipes.
046-78663 Active 06/21/2018 5 9 Alexander Approach and connector pavement replacement on SN 002-0023 and 002-0024 on I-57 at the Cairo interchange over IL 3, CNIC Railroad Outer Road and Levee Road.
047-78665 Active 06/21/2018 5 9 Johnson Weed spraying along I-24 and I-57 in Johnson County.
048-78666 Active 06/21/2018 5 9 Various Surface preparation and applicatin of bridge deck concrete sealer at various locations in Perry, Jackson and Jefferson County.
049-85671 Active 06/21/2018 2 2 Rock Island Concrete restoration of Knoxville Road from 78th Avenue to 134th Avenue.
050-87611 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 Grundy New sidewalk construction and replacing existing sidewalks at various locations in the Village of South Wilmington.
051-87642 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 Grundy Rahabilitate the structure carrying Braceville Road over the Mazon river, 0.2 mile east of Gorman Road.
052-87643 Active 06/21/2018 2 3 Grundy Replace the bridge carrying Grand Ridge Road over Johnny Run, 0.65 mile east of Illinois Route 47.
053-89741 Active 06/21/2018 3 4 Mercer Extend six reinforced concrete box culverts, construction of one concrete box culvert, and the removal and replacement of ten corrugated metal pipe culverts on Joy Road between 160th Avenue and 130th Avenue.
054-91556 Active 06/21/2018 3 5 Vermilion Sidewalk Construction along Webster Street from Northview Drive to West Vermilion Street in the Village of Catlin.
055-93679 Active 06/21/2018 4 6 Sangamon Construction of a 3-span, welded plate girder bridge to carry South Old Route 66 (Oak Street) over the Union Pacific Railroad and Elm Street, and the construction of a new roadway to connect Walnut Street to South Old Route 66, in the Village of Williamsville.
056-93717 Active 06/21/2018 4 6 Logan Full depth pavement reclamation cape seal and aggregate shoulders on CH 25 from US 136 to the west corporate limits of Atlanta.
057-99606 Active 06/21/2018 5 9 Hamilton 20.5 miles of A-1 bituminous surface treatment on various routes in Hamilton County.
058-61E78 Active 06/25/2018 1 1 Cook Construction of a multi-use path adjacent to Euclid Avenue from Rohlwing Road to Salt Creek in the City of Rolling Meadows.
059-62G46 Active 06/28/2018 1 1 Will Construction of median crossovers just north and south of the structures carrying I-55 over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and Grant Creek.
060-66E24 Active 06/28/2018 2 3 Iroquois Replace bridge SN 038-0116 carrying Us 45/52 over Langan Creek Tributary, 3 miles east of Clifton.
061-89746 Active 06/25/2018 3 4 Tazewell Construction of a shared-use path along West Cruger Road from Nofsinger Road to Main Street in the City of Washington.
062-93718 Active 06/25/2018 4 6 Logan Replace the bridge carrying Delavan Road over Prairie Creek Ditch, 4 miles northwest of Emden.
063-99602 Active 06/25/2018 5 9 White Replace the bridge over unnamed creek, located one mile west of Epworth.
064-61E16 Active 06/27/2018 1 1 Cook Reconstruction of Plum Grove Road from Wiley Road to Golf Road (IL 58) in the Village of Schaumburg.
065-61E29 Active 06/27/2018 1 1 Cook Roadway reconstrution with traffic signal installation/replacement on Plum Grove Road, from IL 72 (Higgins Road) to IL 58 (Golf Road) in the Village of Schaumburg.
066-46501 Active 06/29/2018 2 3 Ford, Iroquois, Livingston Removal and replacement of raised reflective pavement markers and replacement reflectors.
067-46502 Active 06/29/2018 2 2 Various Removing and Replacing Reflectors, removing and replacing damaged raised reflective pavement marker casting within the limits shown.
068-62C35 Active 06/29/2018 1 1 Cook, McHenry Light tower removal and replacement, and installation of new light towers at various locations.
069-62F32 Active 06/29/2018 1 1 Cook Replacemnt of I-80/I-94 monotube structure at IL 83 including new traffic signal heads, cable and TCandP.
070-68088 Active 06/29/2018 3 4 Tazewell Scour mitigation to SN 090-0112 carrying Illinois Route 29 over Lost Creek, 1.5 miles south of Pekin.
071-72J96 Active 06/29/2018 4 6 Various On-call repair of guardrail, cable median barrier, impact attenuators and fence at locations throughout District 6.
01A-LO032 Active 06/25/2018 4 6 Logan Widen and Rehabilitate Runway 3-21; Reconstruct Runway Turnarounds
02A-PN011 Active 06/25/2018 3 4 Tazewell Reconstruct Runway 9-27 Including Taxiway Approach and Turnaround Pavement
03A-DE081 Active 06/25/2018 4 7 Macon Phase 1: Rehabilitate Portion of Runway 6-24
04A-KE015 Active 06/25/2018 2 2 Henry Rehabilitate Airport Entrance Road and Automobile Parking Lot
05A-KE016 Active 06/25/2018 2 2 Henry Rehabilitate Runway 1-19
06A-GR009 Active 06/25/2018 5 8 Bond Rehabilitate Runway 18-36
07A-CO064 Active 06/25/2018 4 7 Coles Reconstruct Taxiway B
08A-LE051 Active 06/25/2018 1 1 Will Rehabilitate Taxiway B, Phase 2
09A-SA033 Active 06/25/2018 5 8 Marion Rehabilitate Runway 18-36
10A-PA061 Active 06/25/2018 1 1 Cook Rehabilitate Runway 12-30 and Runway Lighting
11A-MS009 Active 06/25/2018 4 6 Brown Install Perimeter Wildlife Fence along west, south, and a portion of the east airport property line
12A-MB030 Active 06/25/2018 3 4 McDonough Install PAPIs on Runway 9-27
1LR-M1802 Active 06/26/2018 5 9 Hardin Voluntary Reclamation of the Rosiclare Pull and Hillside Mine abandoned mine sites by the Department of Natural Resources using federal Abandoned Mined Lands Funds
2LR-M1803 Active 06/26/2018 5 9 Williamson Voluntary Reclamation of the Crab Orchard SM-15 abandoned mine site by the Department of Natural Resources using federal Abandoned Mined Lands Funds
3LR-MF367 Active 06/26/2018 5 9 Jackson Voluntary Reclamation of the S Coal Elkville mine site by the Department of Natural Resources.
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