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March 06, 2020 Letting 10:00 AM

Bulletin Description

Rehabilitation of the Airport Entrance Road and Automobile Parking Lot
Region District DBE % VBP % Federal Project #
5 9 5.00 0.00 317SBGPTBD
County(s) IL Project # Airport Sponsor City
  • White
CUL 4722 Carmi Municipal City of Carmi Carmi
Contract Specifics
The time limit to award this item has been changed from 45 days to 90 days after the scheduled letting.
33 Calendar Days
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Ask Subscribe Questions and Answers (1 Submitted / 1 Answered ) Questions not accepted as of February 25, 2020 04:30 PM.

  • Is the PR fence to be installed into green space along the side of the PR road or through the paved areas, as indicated in the project spec. 162-3.2 Installing Post?
    The proposed fence is to be installed into green space adjacent to the proposed pavement. (02/26/2020)

Authorized Bidders

  • 5550 E. T. Simonds Construction Company
    1500 N Oakland Ave
    PO Box 2107
    Carbondale, IL 62902
    PO Box 2107
    Carbondale, IL 62902
    Phone: (618) 457-8191 Fax: (618) 549-0131 Email: mrodewald@etsimonds.com

Non Bidders

  • No requests received
Pay Item # UOM Description Type Quantity Unit Price
AR150520 L.S. MOBILIZATION Base items 1.000
AR152511 S.Y. SUBGRADE REPAIR Base items 250.000
AR162504 L.F. CLASS E FENCE 4' Base items 110.000
AR162750 L.S. DETECTOR LOOP Base items 1.000
AR162900 L.F. REMOVE CLASS E FENCE Base items 110.000
AR401613 TON BIT. SURF. CSE.-METHOD I, SUPERPAVE Base items 250.000
AR401650 S.Y. BITUMINOUS PAVEMENT MILLING Base items 2,400.000
AR403613 TON BIT. BASE CSE.-METHOD I, SUPERPAVE Base items 250.000
AR501900 S.Y. REMOVE PCC PAVEMENT Base items 200.000
AR602510 GAL. BITUMINOUS PRIME COAT Base items 100.000
AR603510 GAL. BITUMINOUS TACK COAT Base items 550.000
AR620520 S.F. PAVEMENT MARKING-WATERBORNE Base items 200.000
AR910200 EACH ROADWAY SIGN Base items 1.000
AR910230 EACH HANDICAP SIGN Base items 1.000
AR910410 EACH PARKING BLOCK Base items 19.000
AR910415 EACH REMOVE PARKING BLOCK Base items 20.000
No More Pay Items

The contract details above are for informational purposes only until the Plans and Special Provisions are posted on this web page. If an addendum is posted, the contract details above may be revised. Please continue to check for addenda.