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The following are notices provided by the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) to the public regarding procurement and procurement-related activities. Information includes, but is not limited to Sole Source Notices, CPO Notices, meeting notifications, announcements and memorandums.
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Sidewalk Labs Replica Tool and Data Notice Sole Source

The Chief Procurement Officer has authorized the Agency to proceed with the Sidewalk Labs Replica Tool and Data for Travel Demand Modeling Needs Contract.

Addendum #1 provides clarification to the estimated award amount on the Notice of Award.

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is giving notice of the intent to enter into a sole source contract with Sidewalk Labs, Inc. for an analysis tool (Replica) which uses a number of sources, including mobile carrier data, location data from third-party aggregators and Google location data, to generate travel data for a region. The use of these various data sources provides a large and diverse sample of travel data for agencies to work with. Having this large sample to draw from helps remove bias in the data collected and the data sample is not limited to only Android devices. Additionally, these data are collected from individuals for months at a time, allowing for a complete picture of individual travel patterns. Household travel surveys, which traditionally serve as the best source of data for the travel patterns of a region’s residents, are generally only able to collect data from a small sample of households for one or two travel days

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