Q - How does the search function work?
A - The search uses fuzzy or wildcard lookup. Example: Searching by Company Name using "Tri" will return all firms with "Tri" located within the name.

Q – Is the Specialty the same thing as a NAICS description?
A – Not necessarily. However, when a term is entered in the Specialty field the Search will look in both the Specialty and NAICS descriptions for that term and return results containing the term entered.

Q – Can I search for Companies within a specific category only?
A – Yes. Enter the Search criteria and click the checkbox next to the category or categories you want to search.

Q – Why doesn’t the Zip Code display in the Search results?
A – The search results display the information most likely to be needed. The zip code can be seen by clicking the expansion arrow located to the left of the Company Name.

Q – Can I select more than one District where the work is to be performed in a Search?
A – Yes. Click the checkbox next to each District where the work is to be performed. The results will contain all records meeting the specified search criteria in the Districts selected.

Q – Is the Search case-sensitive?
A – No.

Q – Do I have to enter the entire search criteria such as company name?
A – No. You can enter part of the name and the results will display all records with the criteria entered. For example, if you entered Weather in the Company Name field, the results display showing all Companies with the word Weather contained in the name.

Q – Is there more information included in the Export to Excel and Export to CSV output files than what I see on the screen?
A – Yes. The number of columns displayed is limited due to the width of the screen. The information that is exported is the same as what you would see in the Excel spreadsheet or CSV file available from the IDOT website. However, the exported information is limited to the records meeting the search criterion that was entered. The Excel spreadsheet and CSV file contain all the available columns including ones not displayed on the screen.

Q – The results gave me more records than I wanted. Can I add additional criteria to limit what I’m seeing?
A – Yes. Either go back to the Search criteria and add additional criteria or use the Filter feature located on the right at the top of each column in the results grid. Click the filter icon and enter additional filtering criteria.

Q – When I export results to which I have added more filters, will only the filtered results be exported?
A – No. All the results from the original search will be exported.

Q – Can I email a contact directly from the Search results?
A – Yes. Click on the email address and it will open a new email to that contact in your default email program.

Q – Can I see more information about a company without exporting to Excel or CSV files?
A – Yes. Click on the company name to view all of the details for that company. This detail may then be printed.

Q – Can I print all the results of the search?
A – Yes. Click View Directory to open print view for the results.

Q – Can I see which Counties are located within a District?
A – A list of Districts and counties contained within each is included below:

Q – How can I search for something other than the fields that are supplied on the Search screen?
A – Leave all the search criteria fields blank and click the Search button. When the results grid appears, click the View Directory button.
Once the page containing all the details displays, hold down the CTRL key and the letter F at the same time. A “Find” field will display at the top of the browser window.
Enter the word or number you are searching for and press Enter. The results will be highlighted in the browser window as you scroll through.

    District 1:

    District 2:

    District 3:

    District 4:

    District 5:

    District 6:

    District 7:

    District 8:

    District 9: